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  1. I played the game on v1.25 and will give another try with 1.26. I had a few crashes, but nothing bad. Thank you for your efforts, species.
  2. Well, me smartass. Of course that was the 'issue'. All good now. Sorry for hassle.
  3. Another bug report regarding the advanced production screen: When selecting mantas, not all items from the normal production screen are shown!! E.g. plasma, ammo box, flares. I haven't checked for carrier or walrusses, as I do not have all items yet, but would be good if you check these items too. :)
  4. I've just started playing, and have a minor issue: The progress bar in the advanced production screen is not syncronized to the one in the normal production screen. I produced a hack capsule, and the progress bar in the advanced screen was full, while the other was at approx. 85% or so. And I fitted out a quad gun to the rear right carrier turret, and AI wont fire at enemy mantas :(. Issue or my fault?
  5. Absolutely awsome! Oh yes! All those changes are so immersive, that the game should have had them from the beginning. Nicely done! Had to set up my PC lately, and will definitely give the game with v1.25 another playthrough. Oh, I have two questions. 1. In the campaign, there are infantry units as opponents. Is there a possibillity to spawn them? Like having e.g. additional infantry around enemy structures? 2. For an even harder game, would it be possible for enemy mantas and walrusses to perform long range attacks on the carrier? With long range I mean up to 2-3 km away from an island coastline. OR, well placed enemy howitzers on elevated positions near the coast. IMHO, this would give additional thrill and would force even more carefull approach to the islands.
  6. I played the game with v1.21 of this mod throughout the campaign, and I remember there was some troubble with a CTD after a video sequence, but I managed to get it done nevertheless. Island strength is not too strong at the beginning and I also had "nothing" at start. I even turned off auto repair, unit to unit refuel and other things to make the game even harder. Only in the end, when the enemy only had 4-5 islands, the enemy felt like cheating when overtaking MY deadly islands in just a coupple of seconds. I won after quite a while :). So I would guess that you could play the campain with the mod.
  7. Hi Species, I have two questions. 1. How hard would you estimate the creation of a new island with custom land mass, spawn points, etc., and then implementing it to the game? 2. Would it be possible to have scalable distances between the islands?
  8. What do you guys mean by 'shells just falling in the water'? Do you mean that the carrier shell gun has a too low range? Because in my version, I changed the impulse of the shell, so that the max range is 3+ km. This way I am able to place some 'spotter', a high flying manta or drone - since Species made them usefull :) - somewhere where it sees the target area, then high fire the shell gun. Switch back to the spotter and whatch where the impact is. On impact data I then adjust the shell gun accordingly and fire again. I'm repeating this procedure untill the projectiles hit the target. Voila - indirect fire :)
  9. Hi Species, keep up the good work :ok:. The drone part allone is so much more awesome than vanilla! I remember once having played around one and a half hours just flying that thing around, zooming in, landing it and so on. Hooking of walruses was also an anoyance to me. Was sometimes a hell of a fiddle untill hooking a walrus. Good thing you are working on it. I am currently not playing CC, but I well understand how much work you are putting in this long term project, due to my own mod I am working on (not CC, but X3 Terran Conflict). Such a shame there are so few people left apreciating this game and it's modding community, now basicly consisting of you as last man standing.
  10. Ah, crap. I already thought so. All I would need is knowing the vector the gun is pointing, the initial impulse of the projectile and the gravitational force. And - if the game engine uses physics for projectiles... but without that info - let's forget it :( p.s. Just strikes me: The relative vertical difference of gun and target is also needed.
  11. Could you post a screenshot of your error? What Windows do your use? Admin mode? Steam or normal version? Please give us a few more informations. For me, it's working without any hassle (Win7 64bit, admin mode, normal version, patch 1.70025). Just doubbleclick, black window opens, many hundred rows fly by, everything ok.
  12. Thank your for your answers. It seems, that all my issues are gone now... nothing negative to report, I am still playing the campain, and everything is ok. Very goo job. I can also not report any issues for the walrusses except for pathfinding issues in rare and difficult occasions, but that is not related to your mod. This leads me to another question I would like to ask, It's not related to your mod though, but I ask your anyway, because you seem to be the only modder that is still active on this board... Do you know, if it is possible to add dynamic icons or symbols to the hud of a vehicle? I am asking because I would like to add square symbol to balistic weapons (e.g. carrier shell in the front turret). When choosing a target, this square should appear, indicating the aim position of the barrel both to direct and indirect fire to hit the position of the target.
  13. Already sorted that out :). I downloaded v1.4 and use the workbench that comes along with v1.4. Could you give me a link to the tools you are using to mod CCGM? As you correctly said, I am playing the campain. I was not aware, that your mod was not ment to be played within the campain, so I do not know, if any issues I have are related to that. Ok, anyway, here my Little bug report: 1. At the first page of your mod, it is possible to set the weapon config for the defense towers. I have left and right front lasers at the moment. I choose them with the buttons, they are placed correctly. Everything ok. But - when reloading, the weapon loadout is reset. No weapon is mounted, and all slots show 'none'. I have to reset the weapons each time I reload. Also, when 'saving' the weapon configuration with 'P' button, the config is lost after reload. 2. Another reload issue: When the carrier is beeing refuelled at a pier, then save / reload, the refuelling is interrupted and will not be resumed, even if you try to move back and forth to the pier. Refuelling is only possible after driving to another island. cheers
  14. OK Species1571, that's a point, Ill stick with 1.070025 and the latest v1.21. I have begun a new game and experienced no stuck walruses so far. Only hassle still remaining: Those little bitches keep auto repairing themselves though I switched to "refuel only" in the first page of your mod, and turned down all repair related bars to 0% on the fifth page. And yes, I confirmed with the apply button. At least a dozen times :). There was also a constant crash I observed when skipping the video that pops up immediately after hacking the HQ on the island 5 or 6 (when I get home I'll post the name of the island). Not skipping the video did not lead to the crash. It's up to you confirming, if is something related to your mod. And I have another plea: I would like to learn a bit modding CCGM, but everything I did, I could not start this workbench: After fresh installation, applied patch v1.070025, used unpack_ccgm.bat file to decompress everything, copied your deadlyislands folder to the game folder, changed the path in the ccsettings.xml to this: <path directory="deadlyislands"/> <path directory="./"/> <path directory="data00.cc"/> <path directory="data01.cc"/> <path directory="data02.cc"/> Then doubbleklicked workbench.exe. (I use the one that comes with v1.070025) First thing it told me that no config file is to be found and the default would be used Then the worbench will not work anymore (I am using Win7 64bit, admin mode) What am I doing wrong? Did I miss something? Can you me? cheers