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  1. Looks like the 7700K is still best comparing price/performance. My aging 4960X OC 4.5 Mhz still gives me a solid 30 - 40 FPS in 4k with a GTX1080 but, I would like to build a pure gaming rig for games like Arma +more
  2. lysan

    ARMA (#) future path

    Need to be quoted for the truth, and I would chip in with keep it as a war simulator, that is what made Arma great and it is what will keep it being great for years to come. One thing that could be added was a campaign server like we got in IL-2, where you have an ongoing campaign going for X amount of time, including logistics, support, and dynamic moving front lines.
  3. Sure, I was more referring to the setup of the servers, other than being selective it's out of my control.
  4. I wanted to know the best system for Arma 3 SP/MP, however as I understand it, if you get the most efficient system for SP, you're also well equipped for MP. The server side of things is not much I as a player can do much about anyway :)
  5. What would be the best PC config to play arma in 4K? no budget limit. Must reach 60FPS or higher.
  6. lysan

    Arma3 Videos

    SP Campaign in the works.
  7. lysan

    High AI casualties

    I'm making a campaign right now, where one of the mission are like that. I really had to boost the AI courage and flee mechanics to make them run for it.(attacking force) Otherwise it would take forever, even they were in huge numbers compared to the other side (defending force). One thing I noticed was that you need to give the attacking force objectives. That way, they know where to attack and don't stand around like zombies. If you got too many AI in one scenario it also impacts the FPS because the arma 3 engine is really not using modern computer power/resources efficiently.
  8. lysan

    CSAT Based Official Campaign

    Making campaigns that is well done, with a good story and voice acting is a huge undertaking. Even if you can "play" the editor like you made it. I'm doing a small campaign, and even though I made a 100% storyboard, wrote all the dialogs, and got it all layed out. Getting it down as a good playable campaign is like swimming in molasses. I loved the old Arma stories, they are great stories and that is what drives them forward. However someone need to write the story, then materialize it into the game as a campaign, it takes time=money. To be honest, if some of the very talented modders out there could sell their creations as DLC, I would pay good money for a good arma campaign with ofc a good story/plot behind it.
  9. lysan

    Is Arma realistic?

    Question EVERYTHING! and ARMA rules, Make ARMA not war rules too :)
  10. lysan

    Helicopter camera

    3rd person view should be illegal anyway but that is just my opinion, I'd help myself out now.....
  11. Yes, but spacepilot mentioned that ground battles would not be with the graphic details if the maps were to big, and then we lose the combined arms ability, and that would be a shame. The whole point is to have the combined arms function, fleshed out on all areas not just infantry, however i see that is a very distant possibility due to limitations.
  12. Yes, I figure that this was the answer, just wanted to be sure. So right now 7700K or wait for an engine upgrade :)
  13. well, that would not be very good as this is the whole point of Arma, but hey someday it will be possible just not now I recon.
  14. Well maybe it's just me dreaming, I would like it to be a MIL SIM, with large maps, realistic helicopters and jets like in DCS :) however I can see that this is just my pipe dream talking. Again, what else are there out there? not a whole lot if any, so that is why I wish larger maps and a bit more added to the flight models in Arma. I guess Altis map is 270 square kilometres, maybe something as large as the DCS map would be possible?