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  1. have you thought of making the AAV amphibious? i know that, in hcpookie's AFV pack, the BMP-1 can go into water mode when in the water and it allows moving and turning, and it sorta works alright. maybe u can base ur AAV code upon it or something? also, it may have been added by CUP and not the AFV pack but i think its the AFV pack.
  2. is this compatible with mods that modify AI tactics? like VCOM ai? it lets the AI plant mines and etc. , drive better, act smarter, be able to breach and clear buildings, etc.
  3. 123nick

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    well, it is indeed in the root arma 3 folder: so... i dont know what is the cause :( edit: they seem to do...something now. i remember spawning 2 forces away from eachother, and having one have a seek n destroy waypoint at some buildings in a small village, and the other one defend said village. something happend, i think one of the squads ended up rocketing themselfs with a nlaw, but then the remaining 2 seemed to follow the waypoint, and go into the town, eventually. the opfor side, however, they just seemed to stand still after like, 1 or 2 or 3 of them getting slightly covered positions, and there was plenty of housed and rooftops with cover but they seemed to just stand in the middle of the street. when the blufor forces encounted them, they threw smoke, and acted what i thought was normal. but now i try it again with no change for all the waypoints, aka same formation, speed, combat mode as when they spawn in, and now i have the same problem as alezil- moving back and forth, the opfor moving more back and forth then the blufor. any help? might it be some arma 3 update that changed how things work? ace update?
  4. 123nick

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    also, im getting a error where it says a .sqf file in the userconifg file isnt found ,even though it is there. the settings .sqf file, is the one being refered too. i have ACE, enhanced movement, on the australia map, and i dont know the cause. any idea?
  5. 123nick

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    ok, the explosives - i think theres a number of different triggers to them- like, cellphone based IEDs, and i remember in ACE-2 there was some sort of tripmine directional AT mine thingy, but im pretty sure that works, and a deadmans trigger- is held down, and it explodes when let go. the hunt-ir thingy isnt exactly a UAV. its a 40mm grenade, then you launch into the air ( i think with ACE only vanilla arma 3 40mm grenade launchers work with it, and im not sure if its all of them but im reasonably sure it is) and it has a parachute and a movable camera, which one can control with a hunt-ir control station. i dont think it would be too hard to code- a special grenade that has its own LoS that the soldier also uses, if thats how the coding works. the sandbags walls arent really necessary, just some of the more neater things i would want. the extendable ladders would probably be insanely hard to code- there ladders that one can place, and adjust the height and angle of for any number of purposes. theres also the SSTW, which is a basicaly a tripod bipod mount, with adjustable height, so you can shoot with bipod deployed while standing or crouching without natural cover. to deploy a bipod on. oh and you can also pick up ladders again.
  6. 123nick

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    suggestion: is this compatible with ACE? if no, then will it be made compatible? it would be nice if the AI could place explosives using the ACE triggers n stuff, and maybe ( if not too hard) be able to use the extendable ladders to climb onto roofs? or stuff like construct sandbag walls with sandbags? use the IR-hunt thing to scout enemy troop movements? use most features ACE has? would be cool.
  7. thank you sooooo much for the help so far! just one more question: i assume gaia zones are the zones you can set with the marker tool, in the editor? also, is there a option somewhere that disables markers? because im in the editor and i dont see the markers, or the zones. i also only see markers in play, not any zones.
  8. thanks for the reply, another question: is there any way to set up MCC GAIA factions, and units, and zones, in the editor ,without playing first? its probably something obvious, but i cant find it so :( . also, any other conflicting modules to worry about when using ACE/ASR?
  9. does this have any incompatibilitys with ACE or ASR? apparently, this mod changes AI, and ASR changes AI, and although the changes seem the same, if i want to use ASR, can i use it with MCC? also, with the ACE medical system, will it conflict with the medical system of MCC? if i dont place the modules, will they just not enable? and with the AI, how can i disable that?
  10. im looking for a arma 2 mod, that has a couple of new vehicles, with new models, not just retextures. does anyone know what im talking about? it has like, this big tracked artillery piece that doesent have 360 range of traverse, nor does it has a turret. it has a big gun too, and i just cant remember what its called. it also has tons other stuff. any help?