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  1. Far from confused as you say. Ever since I have been playing ArmA (only since 2010), I have noticed that some mods require other mods to work. With ArmA3 and how it is being layed out, mods are now more present then ever, and my querry was about having a mod to run a modand where will it end. That's all, nothing more. And since the Hellenic Mod does not require me to obtain the other 6 that come with the ASDG, then I have absolutly no problem updating and it will make updating my group that much easier. Thanks for your imput though, and not reaming me too hard. *cheers*
  2. No need for a different config of your Hellenic Mods. If all that is required is the ASDG Joint Rails and not the 6 other mods required with that, then I am all for what you have got now. Like I said before, The Hellenics are the reason I keep ArmA3
  3. The Hellenic mod has made my ArmA3 experience worth buying. Even the porting of the A2 choppers was a good enough reason to keep pluging along. However, as time progresses, ArmA3 seems to becoming a mod war and lets see how many mods you can get on a server before it crashes. With this latest update, you now require an additional mod, ASDG Joint Rails. I will just assume there is a grand reason and it makes what you guys have done with the Hellenic Mod that much better, yet when promted to add yet another mod, this ASDG Joint Rails requires 6 more. Where does it end.......... I understand that ArmA3 was released more vanilla then vanilla and this awesome community is what is building ArmA3, but is there an end to addon after addon after addon. I want to keep up with this mod, it is the best thing out there IMO, but I have a group of guys that have many issues when it comes to addons and I endup working overtime trying to get everybodies computer synced. (thank goodness for teamviewer) Be advised, this is NOT a complaint, this is not to disresspect your work. This is mearly a questionable querry on what I have noticed thus far with ArmA3. Also on a side note without Armaholic, ArmA would not be chit......... Great work to all involved....
  4. Great addon and it's a pretty cool toy to play with, getting other members to figure it out is harder to do then figure the cTab, so kudoes on the work. However, where is the Text Messaging System and how can I obtain it. As in the video below at about the 8:45ish mark.... www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=tlw_lKhkyOE&list=UUEsulGl9jUniHTRkwDep5Hw