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  1. I found the id and gave it as test setDamage 1; and it was destroyed but when i give the same variable allowDamage false; and i drive in to it with my hunter its still falling down do you maybe know how to fix that as well ? Thanks for the trick for finding the ID i used this and it worked fine ! hint format["%1",nearestObjects [player,[],10]];
  2. I did that but not working for me
  3. I placed the code on the wall in the editor but it didn't work
  4. Hello, I was trying to give a wall that is already part of the map altis allowDamage false but i cannot see the ID of the wall because its behind a gray overlay in the editor. Does someone know a trick the get the ID thats hidden behind the gray overlay or another way to give the wall allowDamage false ? I found out that the class name of the wall "Land_City2_4m_F" is. I hope that some one can help me with this. Kind regards, Joeri
  5. It works wonderful ! Thank you very much !!!
  6. Thanks for sharing this with us definitely useful for my server !
  7. Joeri

    where to find default textures

    Hey You can find it in the Addons/soft_f_gamma.pbo map. Inside that pbo you have maps with the cars. In every map is a map called data in that map you can find all textures of the car. its the same for the other soft_* files