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    Catalonia: is Europe’s next independent state?

    Since I couldn't post a new thread due to me just joining, this seems the most appropriate place to ask this, even if it is bringing up a somewhat old and dead thread. Regardless, I noticed that as one of the flag map markers there seems to be the estelada flag, my question is why? Cataluña isn't a nation as of today nor ever, Aragon was much much more than that, out of all the nations they could have added they decided to go with that? Btw ronin, Artur Mas, the one who's all about breaking off from Spain lost seats/votes in the last election, Spain has always been different all around with its own charm, but that is what makes Spain, Spain. The "cancer" of Spain is the political classes, not the people (Except those who take arms and violence against the state, ex; Terra Lliure & ETA. And those who persecute business in Cataluña for not speaking catalan.) But this isn't why I came here, my question is above for BI. To me, it's an insult.