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    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    The A.I. needs a - "pull your head out off your ass, i told you the fukken formation and where to go and if you don't do whut i've said i'll shoot you like your worthless friends" - button, and then i mostly shoot them... :681:
  2. What the hell, D00D?!... Really awesome work you did there! The start for new players is a bit hard, atleast until you figured out all the hotkey, but if you keep playing, hours of fun are ensured. I love the dialog menue you've coded for the npcs, if you're bored you could make a little tutorial on how you did them. Your voice overs are shit, sorry but everytime you say "join into battle" i understand "join into butthole", and i dun wanna join into your butthole... :butbut: