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  1. Hey people, I have worked on my script package FUPS for some years by now. I'd like to implement further functionality and rework some parts of the code. FUPS is my version of UPSMON - but I don't use any foreign code. Current most important features of FUPS AI patrols dynamicly AI works together AI can reinforce on mission designer request If you're interested in making ArmA AI great again ( ;) ) I'd be glad to get some help. I don't want to bother anyone with excessive information so I'll keep this thread short. If you have any question, please ask! You can have a look at the code right here: https://github.com/felixlinker/FUPS
  2. I will no longer work on FatTrack. Expect heavy bugs. Also I won't do any support or take care of this thread.
  3. I don't see why this should be easier on performance. You have a thread bothering the scheduler which is never good. I'm just using event handlers which should be very minimal. And adding to that you share your units with some delay. But if it works for you - okay. I don't care.
  4. Hi arcanum, sorry to say that but I won't be able to help you there. In can only say that my script won't cause such an error because it doesn't interfere in any way with the spawning of a zeus, etc. Also I had a brief look at your mission and can't find any mistake in there. Seems to be a modpack related problem. Greetings
  5. I updated the scripts to the latest scripting commands so that the network traffic should be reduced. Also it's no easier to use the scripts!
  6. FatTrack Update - 2v33 Removed: PDAs can now edit every SPOTREP Fixed: PDAs can now edit ellipses and arrows properly
  7. As I'm now in charge of the BLUFOR tracking for the ACE3 mod, I'll no longer continue working on FatTrack. But I will fix bugs if there are any.
  8. FatTrack Update - 2v32 Added: CBA Keybindings Removed: Userconfig
  9. Yes, it does. Every side has it's own devices. So the device you own defines what you can see.
  10. FatTrack Update - 2v31 Fixed: Track all leaders now worls properly Changed: Loading time reduced
  11. Hi seeking, I could implement that but right now I'm working on other things. But I better make you aware of the fact that you have to write in english in this forum. If you want to keep it in german, send me a private message.
  12. fett_li

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Hi Leight, when using this mod, CSE lifetime is not working. We (me and my clan) know that the problem is to be found in the lop_c_men.pbo for lifetime is working when you delete this .pbo. We could not fix this problem by editing your .pbo. But we assume that all eventhandlers of inherited parents are deleted by loading the eventhandlers in the config.cpp without using any requiredAddons. Greetz
  13. Here you go: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63428639/%5BMOD%5D_Test.VR.zip
  14. First: In singleplayer place the FatTrack module and preview. Then check following variables in your debug console and tell me their return value: ft_serverinit ft_init ft_maxrepid Then try to create a spotrep on map with ctrl+double left click (allthough it will not work) and check following varaibles in debug console: ft_maxrepid ft_rep_0 Maybe I'll will be able to sort out the problem. I'm currently not at home. When I'm back there, I'll build a little Debug-Version of FatTrack and hand it to you. Just try everything with this version and afterwards, hand me your .rpt. That'd be very nice. I'd appreciate your help
  15. Thanks for the bug report, should be fixed in next version! FatTrack Update - 2v3! 2v3 Fixed: SPOTREP size could not be edited Fixed: Tracker size could not be edited Fixed: Tracker icon could not be edited