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    Offering Arma 2 server, see for details

    Hey man you still offering this? Id like to use it for my community. We are doing IL and DayZ and this would help us a lot. Contact me on steam - DeathRoadKillZ or shoot me an email @ teampixelsgamerlegend@gmail.com Thanks -Death
  2. DeathRoadKillZ

    Server Help!

    Hey I can help you with that, the mods your using have BIkeys that need to be placed in the"keys" folder where ever the server is. Without the keys in that folder no one can join at all.
  3. I am making some terrain for arma 2 OA and I do not under stand the tut on the wiki.I am having trouble with this part on the tut, I will highlight the part. If you can help me in anyway it would be better then goggling it for the next year.
  4. About I am hosting a major WWII co-op and pvp event based off of real events during WWII. It will be held in phases as to what happened during the war. The co-op part is players working as a team to complete the task at hand, the pvp part is the germans fighting the units attacking. The germans will be posted at the tasks that are given and they have to make sure the other side cannot complete the task. Teamspeak Ip: (May change) Phases 1. Airborne Invasion 2.D-Day Landings 3.Battles Over Towns 4.Battle For Neaville 5.Battle For Merderet Winter 6.Germans Take Neaville(battle again) 7.Germans Take Merderet (battle again) 8.Battle Of The Bulge Units British 6Th Airborne 101St And 82nd 2nd Infantry German 352nd division How To Join Well first your going to need I44 and ACRE Then you will have to fill out a small form Copy And Paste In-Game Name: Unit You Want: Role You Want(think WWII): Phase You Want: NOTE:ALL UNITS WILL STILL BE TAKING PART IN ALL PHASES, ALSO ALL UNITS MUST HAVE AT LEAST A FULL SQUAD OR IT WILL NOT BE TAKING PART!