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  1. maaz2

    Official Launcher - 'Mods' vs 'Addons'

    One makes modifications to the vanilla game and one adds content?
  2. Really enjoying messing around with this but have no idea how to add the wounding revive script to a multiplayer mission. Any chance someone could post a pre-made template mission which has revive included? :)
  3. Still enjoying the mission and running it through with a group on Monday-Tuesday nights 1.7 dev12. Any chance of a new build to try?
  4. Just tried it with 8 people on a ds Don't know if it's always been there but if you press escape and then respawn it spawns you with the standard kit of your unit - weapon, ammo, map, nvg, etc. apart from that it worked well with no other bugs.
  5. Did a run-through last night with two others on build 10. No issues at all, no noticeable bugs. we're able to complete missions for the first time in a while. Will have another run-through tonight with about 7-8 so will try build 12 and come back with feedback tomorrow. Thanks for the misison and update, we're getting a lot of fun out of it :)
  6. thanks Neo! look forward to it :) Gunter, there is a dropbox link somewhere in this thread to the 1.7 dev 7 version I think
  7. Hey Guys, Fantastic mission. A group of us have been playing it every Monday night for the past six months. We found with the current version (1.7 Dev 7) that we cannot hijack the communications box. The command just does not come up. Is there another version we could try to see if it works? Thanks again for porting and editing this misison. It's kept us far more interested than the standard coop arma missions.
  8. maaz2

    side objectives

    How do you start them?
  9. Cannot remember what key it is to make multiple waypoints, but to make it a repeating cycle you hold down either alt or control along with the multiple waypoints key for the last waypoint. man these forums don't make it easy to post do they...