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  1. astral4eg

    Funny & interesting videos

  2. astral4eg

    Kung Fury released

    This is the same case when the trailer for the film better than the movie itself :)
  3. astral4eg

    Ukraine General

    And for this, Putin has a very large dislike in Russia. Chechnya and the neighboring Muslim republics have a very big problem in Russia, but officially it prefer not to speak.
  4. astral4eg

    Russia General

    Does it change anything? I try to put the essence in the minimum amount of characters for easy reading. And about 1.5-2 million, you can read in English version Wiki . It is also, I too did not become lay out.. At the same time explanatory and educational work was accompanied by political bodies rigid punitive measures by the military commandant's office and the military prosecution. According to the Military Prosecutor's Office, in the first months of 1945 for atrocities committed against the local people were convicted by military tribunals over 4 thousand officers and a large number of rank and file. A few show trials ended in imposition of the death penalty if I have correctly understood, this book was first translated into English 1975 and then into Russian 1999 ========================= As expected, I received a ban, and even in the next topic of Ukraine .. Therefore, I will write here Where I am denied the Soviet crimes? There was no such. Everywhere here provides data with the maximum number 2kk raped, 20kk represirovanyh etc. I cited similar data from the other side and from the same archives and Wikipedias.. Trolling is this thread where over 83 pages of trolls and sling mud Russia. How many positive news about Russia in this thread? Yes, somewhere around 0, only trolling and dirt. And those who are trying to get something to say against receives ban. And the others just do not write here because they are afraid of being banned. Have fun. ps. No, I don't get money for it.
  5. astral4eg

    Russia General

    About of rapes: from wiki, translated by goole Estimates of the number of raped: Estimates of the number of women raped range from tens of thousands to two million. German historian Miriam Gebhardt leads estimate that US soldiers raped nearly 190 thousand women at the end of the Second World War. D. Herzog agrees with the view that in the eastern zone of occupation were "of one to two million of rapes" soldiers of the Soviet Army. Irish journalist Cornelius Guan in his book «The Last Battle» claimed that the estimated doctors, with whom he said have been raped in Berlin from 20 000 to 100 000 women. The American journal «October» in 1995 in an article by Professor Atina Grossmann «A Question of Silence: The Rape of German Women by Occupation Soldiers» reported the details of how these numbers were derived. According to her, despite the collapse of the Nazi state, the health care system continued to function. In Berlin, a doctor with the consent of the Protestant churches did to clients - victims of rape, abortions are free. All that was required of women - is to provide written evidence of its signature (affidavit). Such evidence has been obtained to Berlin from 20 000 to 100 000 (the researchers admit that some of them - false). The article says Grossmann uniformity of all these "evidence" - the rapists they mostly described as "Asian or Mongolian type." Number of 1.9 million across the occupied territory were received feminists Yor and Zander «on the basis of Hochrechnungen (projections or estimations)» - that is, extrapolation and estimation. Measures of the Soviet command to combat violence and looting In an article published in the English language book describes the fact of decisive intervention of the Soviet command to stop the abuse of German women and children, namely, the three men were hanged in front of part of the violence against the Germans. In the four years of war and occupation by the Soviet Union lost over twenty million people were killed at the front, shot and tortured in captivity, killed in bombing and shelling of Soviet cities, slave labor and terror in the temporarily occupied territory. In the course of only one Berlin offensive Soviet troops lost more than 78 thousand. Killed and more than quarter of a million wounded. Death and deprivation during the war came to every Soviet family, and hate the soldiers and officers who joined with bloody battles on enemy territory, was boundless. According to the Russian historian and president of the Association of Historians of the Second World War OA Rzheshevsky, failed to prevent violence, but it still was kept, but with the passage of time and minimized. April 20, 1945 was issued a directive of the Supreme Command commander and members of the military council of the 1st Byelorussian and the 1st Ukrainian fronts number 11072 to change the attitude towards the German prisoners of war and civilians:
  6. astral4eg

    Russia General

    You're so funny... Rhetoric similar to a typical Ukrainian, I'm guessing. Now let's proof to official sources (not tabloid press)
  7. astral4eg

    T-14 Armata to be shown on 9th may parade

    Final part of the parade with military technics
  8. astral4eg

    T-14 Armata to be shown on 9th may parade

    No, X engine by Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant :) In this article described in detail probable cause translated by google Incidentally latest model Lada engines quite a good, but I personally prefer the Japanese 1jz :)
  9. astral4eg

    T-14 Armata to be shown on 9th may parade

    omg Tank "Armata" has decayed at a rehearsal of the parade because of the excitement of the driver. More information on the RBC: http://www.rbc.ru/rbcfreenews/554b3b549a794791aba4f104 Tank "Armata" OK and left the area on their own.
  10. astral4eg

    T-14 Armata to be shown on 9th may parade

    Possibly crew did not know how to use an automatic transmission? :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeJzuo2TsfM Platform still crude. This is essentially the prototypes (hurry to create to 9 May). Nothing terrible, with time bugs will be fixed.
  11. astral4eg

    T-14 Armata to be shown on 9th may parade

    The matter is that the titles lightweight, medium, heavy tanks are not used from ~1960 years.
  12. astral4eg

    T-14 Armata to be shown on 9th may parade

    Original quality Strangely, the title says "medium tank" instead of main battle tank.
  13. astral4eg

    Ukraine General

    If the stream was then there must be record. Also if such a recording was, it would be very often shown on TV as a justification, but this record does not exist.
  14. astral4eg

    Ukraine General

    And then began to explode conditioners, we know Link to a video where the burned themselves into the studio please.