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  1. There seems to be an issue with waypoint creation as many groups seem to get a first waypoint at 000 000 and then the other waypoints. Edit: According to the debug, they are FLANking.
  2. FEATURE REQUEST Don't know if anyone has already suggested this but I think it would be great to have voices inside certain vehicles transmitted to the crew as internal comunications without the need to push buttons or set up channels. It is hard to hear the rest of the crew in armored vehicles and helos and, as far as I know, irl in all of those vehicles you put on the headset and that's it.
  3. Is it possible to call the fn_loadGear.sqf for a certain slot number without using the VAS menu?
  4. Thankyou KesnoTrev. If you can post the script you use to load the first slot I think I could use that to make what I want or at least use it as it is if you give your permission. The credit goes to you of course.
  5. I want to ask for a feature that I think would be good to have for communities and MP players in general. Right now we have the awsome feature of being able to save a loadout clientside in a way accesible to everybody (not just for scripters) and use it later in both MP and SP wich is potentially a great time saver at the beginning of a MP game of say 30+ players who already know what they do have to carry. Usual thing in communities that play planned missions. The problem I find is that, as you already know, VAS may need a relatively long time to load for some people (when entering a server) and that ruins the funcionality I've just stated. What I ask might be obious already; the possibility to load a saved gear with an alternate action, without the need to wait for the whole VAS. Maybe that is already doable with simple scripting but I have no clue right now about even where those presets are saved or if they are "init-like" or VAS specific code. What do you think?