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  1. RMA= Return Merchandise Authorization
  2. When hardware is defective you have to RMA. Unless you want to buy a new laptop....
  3. If its a laptop you have to RMA the whole thing. You cant remove the other card.
  4. AMD A8-3520M=APU graphics, you seem to be new if you never heard of it. Basically its AMD putting video card on CPU itself. And what you describe in your final post, the little black boxes is an indication of hardware failure, and I doubt its the APU, most likely the other card (Dedicated) you put in the PCI express slot. You need to listen to me, hardware is my profession, REMOVE the PCI express card and run the game with only the APU and see if you still have the problem, I willing to bet you wont. Which means time to RMA that video card. And no just because you see "crossfire working properly" doesn't mean anything, all its telling you is that crossfire is enabled, it has no way of knowing if your card is defective.
  5. Nope even with SSD there is still performance issues due to poor CPU cores utilization
  6. Yes you are correct, I thought you meant simultaneously. Hence the performance issues because the threads are "Wating in line"
  7. That's impossible, when it comes to multithreading its one thread per core. Only intel hyperthreading tech allows 2 threads per core, hence it simulates having twice as many cores....
  8. Are there any online servers that do not suffer from this?
  9. So servers use server side hit detection instead of client side hit detection?
  10. Properties of the GPU? You mean where it says crossfire enabled? Im not talking about that, what I mean is that if you remove the dedicated card and it happens to be defective and you only run the built in APU graphics and it doesn't crash you will have pinpointed the problem....
  11. Are you saying its a netcode problem? Sorry programming and netcodes are not my expertise. I don't understand games like Battlefield even back in BF2 days which was single threaded CPUwise servers in no way affected a clients frame rate even with 64 players.... Same goes for BF3 and BF4
  12. P0ci

    Arma 3 and pagefile

    Swapfile is needed by a lot of appz and games despite 16 gigz of RAM. In fact most WILL crash if there is no pagefile at all
  13. Hybrid crossfire? Take out the dedicated card, try running with integrated graphics for troubleshooting to make sure the card is not defective.
  14. Can someone explain to me why and how servers affect client fps in this game? When I play campaign mode my fps is much higher then any multiplayer server I join.
  15. Hmm, I already posted, seems to have got deleted. Anyways yes I have that in my command line already, game still only uses 3 threads despite me specifying more In any case there seems to be a misunderstanding, I was judging multiplayer performance, yesterday I loaded up the new campaign and was getting 40- 65 fps, that a bit of an improvement despite it could be better. I guess servers influence client fps?