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  1. I have encountered a visual problem with this addon. With some custom backpacks, inhouse retexture addon in the case i tested, the chestpack appears with the default Arma 3 texture from the model the backpack is based on. Can this be fixed? I tried a get/set texture for the backpack but for some reason it broke the script.
  2. Edit: just saw there was a newer update, sorry. Download link is broken. Gunter, Giallustio, could you reupload last version? Thank you.
  3. That's what i was trying to do, thank you very much. If anyone can solve the other question it would be good to know too.
  4. I have a mission that can be played on multiple locations depending on the value selected in a parameter. The code i have now moves the spawn markers to the position of the markers corresponding to each possible location (determined by the parameter). My problem is that the groups spawn before the markers are moved. The units never change location even if the markers do. Is there a way to run the marker moving code before the mission spawns the units? I have tried simply moving the groups but since i havent found a way of moving entire groups, just units, they all appear clumped up (with the code below). {_x setpos _raFact} forEach units GrpBLU; Advice on any of these problems would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Great mission, wish it could run on dedicated
  6. maur

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hi, i've been playing since late Arma 2 but hadn't created a forum account until now.