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  1. I am willing to record it if you can help me out it will be from scratch being that I have not purchased the arma 3 slot from vilayer and the MySQL product from them too yet.
  2. Ok I read every single reply on this post, and it seems to be the best and most up to date info I could find on the web. I am litterally moments away from getting an altis log server from Vilayer, but wanted to research and figure out how to do things so I'm not wasting money for months. Vilayer offers the arma 3 server and the MySQL product. Is there anyone that could guide me through the whole process. I will even record it and upload it to you tube for other people that have had this problem. I will give you all the recognition for helping me out. This is my 1st time running a server. I know what a way to start, altis life. I should of started with minecraft, so some say. But for real, can anybody at all help me. I have skype steam, w.e type of communication you need me to get I will. You have no idea how helpful you will be..