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  1. this is the last time i fall for the heart instead of the brains when the PC gaming is concerned.. ridiculous
  2. of course. why? because it has hundreds of players per "zone". imagine it it only had like 80. considering the numbers and players connecting form various distances... its doing a helluve better job than this, whatever it is. and btw. this(hit detection) has nothing to do with the poor netcode, poor servers, the concept and performance of A3.
  3. SYH

    How to troubleshoot A3

    imagine you buy a car that randomly changes its performance.. you pay for 200HP but you get 100 on average.. how pissed would you be?
  4. A3 the only game where 30FPS seems like 10FPS... GPU@60%avrg. CPU@60%avrg. In-Game FPS 40FPS avrg. WTH?? unoptimized engine and it will never be smooth!
  5. SYH

    How to troubleshoot A3

    You pulled the nice comparison. I usually use the same to compare with many things. Now ask yourself this: Do you get the opportunity to buy that car before its test driven enough? No. I see where this is goin. The same way the A2 went. unfortunately P.S. i cannot find that 72 player server that you are talking about at least not other than zero players in it running some weird game mode/mod.
  6. One proper, monster server, on a proper connection, hosted by BI so 80 people can join with their high-end PCs. Stress test for 24hrs. Then all report back. No lies, no second thoughts, no hallucinations. pure facts. Either it is You BI and Your messed up code, either is the amount of crappy servers hosting Your othwerwise polished game, either are the clients and their crappy PCs causing all the whines. There should be an official statement about this so we can end this agony once and for all.
  7. Stable 30FPS. It's as almost as near to slideshow. At least from what I can see. If I can't get a stable 50-60FPS in the 2013-2014 game with my hardware it's a past tense in my book.
  8. PS2 has 5 server clusters for the different regions of the world. It's an MMO shooter. Each server supports up to 6k, 2k per continent. So basically 2k player battle can happen. huge battles are happening whole the time and when i mean huge.. i mean it. 200-300 people are fighting, vehicles, soldeirs, buildings. So the excuse of having few AIs at one part of the map.. that's ridiculous. I have no problem with the offline gaming no matter how high the settings or what i put in the editor, no matter how hard the battle is. I have no problem online either on a decent server until it's capacity for a decent game play hasn't been reached. Then the problems start and i think; 60 players, 80 players... few cars, few choppers, few trucks, few buildings... woods... trees... no matter where are i go fps are gross. and that's the server problem. the whole concept is wrong. So far there are 90% Altis RPG servers and people are playing that. There are fewer servers hosting other mods/modes. Same as it was with A2. I know that is not even close to SONY when the finances are spoken of, but still.. they had to think ahead. from my point of view this is a huge step backwards. maybe with A4 if it ever comes out the concept of hosting will be changed. till then..roleplaying some dude 15-20 FPS with 80 ppl in a game what initially supposed to be the best tactical milsim avalaible is just plain ridiculous.
  9. SYH

    Why this game sucks...

    Couldn't agree more with the original thread starter.
  10. The problem is that fps drops that hppen in multiplayer are caused by servers that are unable to process the huge ammount of data when full more than 40-50 players are on. Altis life turns to slideshow once packed. The whole concept with the huge world on untested dedicated servers avalible is just ridiculous. A3 should have gone to another level with bohemia providing proper servers and adequate services, similar to those on modern mmo games.. this is a mmo after all with all the modes/ mods floating around. 100 players on some questionable server is a joke and it will never be fixed. P.S. check how flawlessly ps2 is working with literally hundred of soldiers and vehicles fighting around the certain areas..why? Because the proper mmo concept brought fps to another level. Sadly it's not my flavor :(