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  1. Lots of stuff to calculate hidden stuff to calculate stupid scripts unecessary scripts the list goes on and on. I get decent FPS on the kind of servers I play on however if you play shit like Life and mods like ACE or similar in ArmA3 ofcourse it will be a bit more laggy. Get a "really good" cpu and it wont be as laggy.
  2. Green-

    Russia General

    Youre stupid. Just leave this thread forum and never launch a BI game again. Please!
  3. Green-

    Opinions on Windows 8?

    Cant even be arsed to talk about this but in short, Complete fucking sheit!
  4. Green-

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    Fuck it Im playing ArmA2 and waiting for ArmA4. Probably out somewhere around 2018-2020 I hope. Then we should have a decent game thats not futuristic Bs too.
  5. Green-

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    The fact that they have barely any content, its in Beta (Thank you bohema for letting us beta test :P) and that this is 13£ is stupid. Honestly one would expect it to never be launched.. Can everyone just not buy it and use mods instead please? BIS turned into activision.. QUICK EDIT: Also honestly how much money didnt they make the past 3 years? Do I need to say DayZ? Do I have to remind you that they gave away 500000-200000£?
  6. This might be a bit stupid but are you sure your a "Player"? and not "PlayAble"? Also are you just using the editior or actually testing it as a mission beacuse some stuff dont work in the editor...
  7. Yeah, you really shouldnt be blaming this on Tonic beacuse he did an awesome job! Anyway, ditch the attitude against Tonic and good luck with your server!
  8. thanks man, forgot the comma :S Also if a mod could change the title it would be good for future and search purposes. Lock the thread aswell if you want to, (SOLVED).
  9. i was going to suggest that but thought that it was too obvious xd If that was the problem Im sorry i scrapped that, was so embarresed of my shitty english when i was going to post that so i didnt xd
  10. Hi everyone, Ive had this problem making ArmAOA ACE2 missions forever and I finally thought of posting it here.. Basicly my problem is that I cant add anything to an ACE Backpack without doing it manually in-game, I would like to be able to preset stuff to be inside from the start of the mission. Theese scripts are some Ive tried and didnt work (Probably tried more but cant remember them all): this addMagazineCargoGlobal this addMagazineCargo this addMagazine Ive been trying to fix this for 1-2 years now ever since I started making missions with AAR and Corpsmen and I never understood how to fix this. Im pretty sure theres a easy solution or its not possible either way helping me out will literary make me sleep better.. EDIT: I know I misspelled "Backpack" so if someone can edit it that would be very appreaciated and for future reference it owuld be easier to find if someone search for this sometime in the future. Thanks in advance, Green|
  11. Green-

    Why are much more people playing Arma 2?

    ArmA2 still have the charm of the series, ArmA3 dont feel the same and is to futuristic and focuse to much on super delta mustache special forces..
  12. The one I sent have the script itself in the mission, the one he sent use the same script I belive but BI used his way of doing it in a mission called 'Eagle Wing' and it basicly finds the LHD script somewhere in the EW.pbo in ArmA2OAs files. BIS_EW_fnc_createLHD BIS=BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE STUDIO EW=EAGLE WING FNC=NOT SURE WHAT IT MEANS REALLY createLHD=CREATES THE LHD BIS_EW_fnc_createLHD is basicly the same script but instead of being manually into a mission its in the game bu default. (Kind of hard to explain when youre not the best at english but I hope you got it :)) EDIT: Basicly the script I sent adds it manually and his adds it the way bohemia did it, its all the same. Green|
  13. I think you can play 'wasteland' on ArmA2 Free (DEMO) and if you want to make your own gamemode open up the wasteland pbo and chernarus life PBO and check whats inside. Green|
  14. ArmA AI have always been completly ****** up and will probably be so forever in some way. However Im pretty sure there are a couple of mods fixing this issue, search for an AI mod and you should find something. You can maybe use UPS (Urban Patrol Script) it usually helps quite alot with theese problems! Trying to make the AI convoy not spawn close to the town but further away and letting them start driving and do their stupid sh*t and then after around 300-400 meters they should be a bit better at driving then at the very start. Good luck with your mission! Green|
  15. Green-

    High command

    Got the exact same issue, no script error nothing. Restarting this thread beacuse its the EXACT same issue im having. Whenever I use high command it works but as soon as I command a subordinate to do something my game crash. Green|