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    Zeus Feature Request Thread

    Have to agree with a lot of what is said, and I am not short of a few niggles from this game mode, but my main ones I would like to see and hopefully they plan on adding them are: - The ability to make AI enter and leave vehicles - The ability to set a radius around placement area for vehicles and men to patrol randomly - The ability to set guard points so no matter what the ai will avoid moving too far from that point. - The ability to set someone as a hostage so they can be rescues (and won't run off if a civilian) and then they join your squad and leave when they reach an extraction point (if one is set, although i guess the zeus could do this) - The ability to pre-configure a custom faction/loadout that can be easily loaded and ready to use when next playing i.e Dressing up a faction like a drug gang etc. - The ability to actually control the ai properly, I KNOW that this is just a measure to ensure the zeus does not go around killing them easily but not being able to use a scope is rubbish and can't even control the squad, really makes some of the missions boring. - The ability to remove that random respawn point that appears when you spent too long placing the other one. - The ability to create para-drop points (although to be honest they should have the ability in general to eject from planes and helicopters more especially when there going to crash seems stupid this functionality has for some reason been removed) And im sure there is loads more little niggles but its only beta and we will hopefully see it evolve into a truly free to do what ever we want program.
  2. I believe that feature is meant for saying you can edit what is in the ammo boxes etc, and ones of the things their is an ammo cache I believe which has no model so I can only assume it drops them on the floor but no guarantees.