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    Altis Life RPG

    This is how I fixed it, its a dirty fix but it worked use this in your fn_copLights.sqf Script in the cop Folder And Once you have that use this to add the action in the fn_setupActions.sqf keep in mind I havent been able to get it too work with more than two vehicles but you will see that and it works only glitch i found is if you spam the lights on button it turns the lights pink
  2. texaschainsaw01

    Altis Life RPG

    Hi Tonic, Really hate asking for help but I am a bit stuck. Basically I would like to use all 5 Tiers to donator store however even though I have added the weapons to fn_weaponShopCfg.sqf and another file that referenced Donator Store level ( Sorry 1am here) cant think of file name. Basically all I am asking is how do I successfully add the extra levels to the donator stores. If your able to help that would be much Appreciated if not I will plot along and try and figure it out. So thanks for your time and reading thanks in Advance to Tonic or anyone else that may be able to help out again Thanks from Australia. PS Great Work Tonic texas out