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  1. Having an issue getting the PDB to receive commands from the mission. Arma2Net is being initialized but the commands just won't work. Here is the output from the RPT. And idea whats wrong with it?
  2. http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd190/seanmabe/news.jpg (139 kB) http://www.3msob.com What is the 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion?: The 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion is a Realism unit that strives to uphold the core values of the United States Marine Corps. Here, we run the unit just as the United States Marine Corps would with dedication and perseverance. We can provide everything you are looking for in a realism unit. We have active members and a committed command staff. With a large family of brothers. What you should expect as a 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion Soldier?: In the 3MSOB we believe that developing a strong sense of community and brotherhood goes a long way in maintaining the longevity and success of a unit. For this reason, we focus a lot of attention of developing these connections between our members. Mutual respect and the ability to work well and productively with others is a requirement of the 3MSOB. You will be surprised at how strong the bonds that you develop with your fellow Mountain Men become. The 3MSOB utilize a ranking structure similar to the USMC. Ranks and positions in the 3MSOB are earned through hard work and dedication, not time and how many kills you get. Each rank in the 3MSOB comes with expectations. Our Corporals are expected to be able to lead and be outstanding role models for the rest of our men. Our Sergeants work hard to maintain order while at the same time helping to lead our men to victory in game and out. Because we are selective (but fair) about promotions, each rank has an underlying respect bound to it. As such, our men understand the position of their superiors and subordinates, and grant them the respect of their rank. Officers are saluted and referred to as sir, and Sergeants and up are referred to by their rank, among many other things. First Step Into Becoming A Soldier In the 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion: Enlistment is your first step toward becoming a ranger in the 3MSOB. One of the best parts about this unit is that we know real life comes first while still showing a commitment to the Unit. We require activity yes, but that activity can be shown in many ways, such as being active on our forums and training twice a week. Once you are a member in the 3MSOB, you'll be put though our Basic Training Course (BCT) which includes; Fire Team formations, range safety and weapons training, vehicle convoy, vehicle identification, dry runs and live fire exercises are just a part of BCT in the 75th. These will be the building blocks of your skills as a soldier in our unit. Interested in Joining The 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion?: So your interested in joining the 3MSOB but would like to know how for sure. Well first step is to post your enlistment application on our website which is listed below. Second you will need to wait for your application to be changed to the status of Pending. Once it has been changed to Pending you will be asked to hop on our Teamspeak where you will be asked a few questions about your application by one of our Recruitment Officers. After the interview, the Recruitment Officer will make a final call and accept or deny your application. Requirements To Join 3MSOB: Working Headset / Microphone Have Arma2 / Arma 2 OA Willing to install mods Teamspeak 3 Installed Age of 15 and above Respect / Mature Teamspeak 3 Information: I.P Address: Thank you J.Long Executive Officer 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion
  3. xjakeox

    Are the Dev's still fixing Arma 2?

    I beg to differ. I am running a AMD 6300 6 Core 3.5 GHz with a ATI Radeon 7870 and I run Insurgency just fine. I think a majority of the people don't really have an issue with Arma2, unless you run into a poorly designed mission and in that case, well, nobody is getting good FPS there. Also on a side note I'm not sure why I got AMD... we can just chalk that up to bad life choices..
  4. xjakeox

    Will Arma 3 replace Arma 2?

    I fully agree. ARMA just doesn't feel like ARMA anymore when playing Arma3. I can't remove myself from Arma2.. it just seems and feels like a much more polished game. Arma3 feels clunky and almost annoying to play. Not to mention the framerate reduction I take playing A3.