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  1. Is your Combat Support module on flat ground? I couldn't get fast moving CAS and figured out that it's because the CAS doesn't spawn and despawn when you call it, the vehicles are actually there from the get-go... my aircraft kept trying to take off from a forest floor. Maybe try putting the module close by you on level ground? Dunno. I've requested three drops today (Hunters) and I've gotten them all albeit after having to run after them due to drift on the descent.
  2. Heya there, I've got a Spawn AI module popping out soldiers, but I can't figure out how to get them to take up actions when they spawn. Don't know if it's possible but I'm trying to find out if there's a script or init string that will do a couple different things. Got some questions for you, any help would be greatly appreciated. - Is it possible to assign soldiers to a group at the moment of spawning? - Can you tell a group as it is created to head to one of three or four nearby markers, in formation & at speed? - Is it even possible to instruct AIs via this method? - If not, can you suggest a comparable method by which I could achieve similar results? Tyvm for any help you can render :), Mausau
  3. Oh sweet, thanks for the hotfix. It's worked perfectly, cheers ;)
  4. mausAU

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    So, where are the consequences? A loss of e-cred among your (lol) peers doesn't count for squat. Where's the banhammer?
  5. ...over the last six months. Last I played, when playing MP the FPS would start dropping and eventually reach an unplayable stage after anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. I recall that there was talk of BIS patching out something that might have been causing the ridiculous performance drops, but I got sick of it and told myself I'd give it a while and then come back and see if anything's improved. To that end I have a few questions, if someone in the know could answer them for me I'd be extremely grateful. - Has MP performance improved? - Is there still a 200% FPS disparity between SP and MP irregardless of map content or polygons? - Has anyone come up with a new I&A or similar co-op map? Thanks a lot. Any info you've got on this would be muchly appreciated. Ta ;) Edit: Also, last I played, if you destroyed a building, when the ruined house model appeared the game would simply copy the intact undestroyed model, paste it 50m below ground level and then deal with two sets of geometry where only one was needed. It really was an insane idea. Is that still in place? Ty.
  6. mausAU

    Anti Aliasing in ARMA 3

    Orly. Firstly, you're totally wrong and it pains me to say but Sneakson is totally right. Not only about your puerile attitude but also about the factual aspects of the argument. But all that aside, let's look at it from another two different ways: The first is that fidelity is always subjective. Just because you prefer a more homogenously blurry picture with fewer aliased vertices doesn't mean that other people don't prefer the inverse. The second is that you're the only person in this thread who is arguing - one might say throwing a tanty - that SMAA > FXAA, so either every FXAA fan is utterly wrong... Or you are. Occam's. Also, I have MMO subscriptions that are more than 15 years old. 15 years is nothing. You certainly haven't learned much. mausAU out.
  7. mausAU

    (STI) A-10 for ARMA 3

    Super good mod, thanks a lot for going to all that trouble :D It's my new favourite plane - fitting 22 Mk 82s and doing bombing runs is insanely entertaining, not to mention the GAU. A question - what does the ANALQ 131 pod do? Google tells me it's an ECM pod but does it actually function in-game? Just curious. Also, do you have plans to add the shark's teeth decal to any of the skins? Thanks again :)
  8. Server.exe won't stop blabbing about read from bank and I can't work it out. Keeps saying this endlessly: Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.jsrs2_mse3_marid, kdk_ctrg_skins, JS_JC_FA18, JS_JC_SU35, CAAir2_MV22 Missing addons detected: jsrs2_mse3_marid kdk_ctrg_skins JS_JC_FA18 JS_JC_SU35 CAAir2_MV22 BIS need to pull their finger out and provide decent useful information, they provide nothing for someone like me who is genuinely trying to learn how to do this stuff. Almost all their entries are useless without having to search the forums and Google to discover the context, and even then its still so vague that 3 hours of trying later I have to come here and ask you guys for help. FFS. Can someone tell me: What should my server shortcut command line look like with a server .cfg and a startup parameters.cfg? Can I tell my server.cfg to load mods? If so, what class do I put them under? How do I set this up? What should my startup parameters config look like to stop this whingeing about missing mods? What should my headless client shortcut command line look like? Should I load startup parameters on both server and headless client or just one? Or a different startup parameter cfg for the server and the HC? How do I get a server, headless client, and myself all working on LAN and able to connect? Thanks.
  9. Thank you for the reply, awesome stuff. I didn't realise the gameType didn't matter in SP, that's good to know. I've got a lot of stupid questions where those came from :). So - if I understand correctly then.. 1. Respawning in SP would be contingent on me having a farm of bodies I can have stashed away and jump into as I die? Something like a bunch of single units that are set as playable but with no other instruction and assigned to separate squads per man? 1a. So having respawn_base or respawn_west markers would be wrong for this? Is there a respawn_ that gives a list of units to possess or would _base choose a unit at random as long as they are within a certain area from it? 2. Ok, no headless client - that's just for speeding up AI processing speeds isn't it? Would side missions/random missions be affected by its removal, or does the HC client have a more important intrinsic relationship with the map's basic operation? 2a. Would simply deleting the HC unit in Editor stop the related stuff loading, or would it require finding what that unit runs off and removing that too in the map files? 3. I've tried running a server via TADST, but I've not been able to successfully connect to it. It disconnects me halfway through loading with a message saying it cannot load flag_plane_big.p3d. Couldn't get past that. The only thing I could see on Google was something about a server key issue - is there an obvious solution or checklist for that sort of thing that I'm not doing? I did think maybe I should copy the keys from inside all the @mod folders I use and put them into the Keys folder but I'm afraid of causing some sort of issue or losing track of which is what and where. 3a. The LAN performance is pretty atrocious, but I don't know what I can do to even find out whether there is a problem, let alone find out what could be causing it. Is there a tool or utility that you know of that can do that, or at least show me what is happening? If you like those stupid questions I'm sure I can come up with some more :) Thanks a lot for the info.
  10. Hi all, I like to run a domination mission (containing a headless client) for the AI and persistent warfare - it's a great idea - but I've been limited to hosting it as a LAN server and playing that way simply for the respawn ability. Running the same mission via preview gives me twice the frames per second, which is naturally what I'd like to have all the time. A few questions I have about this idea: - Is it possible to set up respawning when in a single player? Either via the existing functional MP menu or through some other form of trickery? - Is it possible for a headless client to run when in single player? - Is is possible to run a SP mission with the description.ext listing it as gameType = COOP, or if that will not work is there a SP equivalent I can replace it with? - Preview mode = maxed fps, no respawn vs. LAN server = halved fps, fps loss over time, with respawn. So what changes between these two steps aside from the respawn? Surely the act of hosting locally can't be the cause of this insane performance loss? From my end if I could run preview mode and respawn I'd never bother with anything else, tbh. Any help or suggestions you can offer me about this or possible workarounds/solutions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers :)
  11. How exactly does one aim at an enemy to line up for a strafing run in these? Coming in from a height and a distance, I can't see a damn thing until I fly past my desired target and see green tracer. There's got to be a practical way to aim for effect in them, but I can't work it out. Firing off guided AG missiles and then landing for a rearm seems to be about as much use as I can find for them - compared to the F/A-18 and Su-35 E mod they seem kind of bad by comparison. Any info on this? Anyone been able to do gun runs in one with repeatable success? Thanks :) -------------- Edit: There's a bug when flying them - I tried three times in the A-164 and twice in the Neophron to achieve a target using the cannon, with no hits on anything, tried a fourth time and got an immediate target lock on all sorts of stuff all over the map I'm playing. Anyone else get this? Also, the A-164 handles like a pig when trying for precise aim, it's more dangerous than the weapons it carries. Yeah?
  12. You don't like it when people talk to you the way you talk to them, huh? Sounds like one of them you problems, bro. About the CPU comparison - you're wrong again! Imagine the odds of that. You claiming that his 2600K is equal to your 4770K is a ridiculous, especially in a game as CPU intensive as ARMA 3. And also because it's factually incorrect. Here's some proof for you. Seriously, you gave people purchasing advice? I hope they didn't follow it. You saying that because I haven't really bothered posting on here means that what I say carries less water is about as stupid a thing as you've said in the three days I've been correcting your amateur hour panto tech support act. How sad. Honestly, you really believe that? Since you asked, my machine is significantly better than your machine, and the fact that you try to use it as a point of contention thinking you're getting somewhere is embarrassing. You're not, and your single player framerates are as utterly meaningless and pithy as your backpedalling over your snarky reply I quote-caught is funny. I'm tempted to tell you what I use but I think it'll be more fun staying quiet and smugly superior. Oh, and I've played for several hundred hours - that's in competent player time, which is about 1600 hours after being converted into your units. I look forward to you trying harder at your next attempt :)
  13. Hi, Lovely work so far on the launcher, it works wonderfully. I was wondering whethe it is possible to set a launch option/join server type that is a locally hosted LAN? Not terribly important, just curious. Thanks, and keep up the good work :)
  14. Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to run a script or whatever that removes or at least enablessimulation of the low stone walls that are all over Altis. The AI is not up the task of navigating around them - which is kind of a game-breaking issue on the occasions that it comes up - and the stone walls are a hindrance that never should have been placed onto the map. It would be amusing to see one of the people responsible for the placement of the walls, or the development of the AI pathfinding, to try and successfully navigate a squad of tracked vehicles from the main Altis airport to the second nearest town to the south-west; it's impossible within a reasonable timeframe and prevent any sort of effective usage. As if. Failing that, is there a way to add some sort of script to a tank/vehicle that will allow it to either move at an increased default height, or to totally ignore a class of object regardless of whether it's been cooked onto the map. Thanks in advance ;)