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  1. thanks everyone (and yea i was kind of lazy) im not that good at scripting i dont even know the full basics and im trying to lern more and more everyday and hopefully one day i can make a mission without asking for help :p Thanks anyway :D
  2. I saw that you can now place weapons on the ground lose in the new update. but how would i be avaible to make weapons spawn randomly around the map? i tried some stuff but it turned out shit :/ please i need help
  3. All my layers are only White and black. and nothing else. so basicly my whole map dont got any textures. can someone please help me! ;_;
  4. Please help me. It says press anykey for me also.... i got Windows 7 64x. Isnt there other ways to set up p:/ drive? tried 4 diffrent ways
  5. When i do that it dont still work. It just poofs up a CMD window that u cant read because its up in 0.01 secounds
  6. Rektavu

    Quick Terrain Builder Tutorial

    None of the downloads is working :/
  7. im not really sure. but its the one in the tutorial! so it should work?
  8. Please! any help here 0_0 !!! http://gyazo.com/c99b40f957a2a75e90df6ff3ed247aec <-- picture
  9. Rektavu

    After Life RPG

    This is going to be one of the best once for sure!
  10. Rektavu

    After Life RPG

    This is Awesome!
  11. Rektavu

    United Life RPG

    Sorry. closed everyone
  12. The titles says almost it all. We are an serious RPG community that needs more people doing cars,buildings and other stuffs. If you are intressted to join please contact me! or comment below and ill contact you! You might even earn money for it! Here is some pictures on our Project: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?173419-United-Life-RPG
  13. Rektavu

    United Life RPG

    closed. delete this post please
  14. Rektavu

    Altis Life RPG

    For people that dont know there is tutorials on google that helps u step by step!