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  1. It seems the MH47E is causing my computer to crash mid game and when i load the editor. ALOT of my friends are have the same or similar issues and after playing a series of games without the MH47E we have expierenced no crashes, the moment we put it back into a game the crashes begin again. Is anyone else experiencing computer crashes since download the MH47E?
  2. NITZ

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=4219 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE INCORPORATE THIS!!! I'd love to see this old mod moved into ArmA 3. I'm convinced it would only require a bit of playing with a config file, i'd do it myself but i don't know config scripting well enough.
  3. Anyone else think the flight models for the apache and venom are a bit stuffed, they seem really underpowered and unmanoeuvrable, any chance of an update to fix this?
  4. NITZ

    Ivory Aircraft

    I'd really love to see a gun pod and smoke rockets on the texan. It would make a great JTAC aircraft, and the gun would make for awesome air to air combat fun.
  5. ^^^AGREED - Would really love to see the Konyo MH47E compatible with this mod :)
  6. NITZ

    Ivory Aircraft

    Definitely need a external pod gun on the texan, perhaps a smoke bomb dispenser, rockets and dumb bombs. That would make a sick JTAC aircraft. Not to mention awesome fun air to air pvp aircraft!
  7. So has anyone had any joy when applying this script to aircraft?
  8. Thanks for the reply. I had read the changelog, it just didnt really understand what changes would prevent a player from being able to bandage themselves. Also i immediately adjusted my script yesterday when i started getting a ringing in game (it's just a pain to do that for every mission). I think the issue was that i had a bunch of games developed with all 3 xmed modules down. Up until 0.3.3 the module "X39_MedSys_fnc_module_EnableLimitationSystem" did not stop the player from being able to apply their own bandages etc. Now that I have deleted it i have full access to healing myself. ---------- Post added at 17:40 ---------- Previous post was at 17:39 ---------- Oh you beat me to it. Thanks for you help! :)
  9. We have tried both in editor and multiplayer, when you open the menu to heal yourself it only gives you the option for ear plugs, check self and medkits. What are you seeing?
  10. Really love this mod but since 0.3.1 wtf has been going on? 0.3.2 - This feature where you get a loud ringing in your ears unless you have ear plugs? Ok yeah my player has gone deaf but i don't want the mod to make me deaf too while making the game completely unplayable because i have a ridiculous ringing in my ears. Should this feature not be defaulted to off rather than having to change the script for every game? 0.3.3 - I can't bandage myself now? I can't add bloodbags? I can't use morphine? ... What the f is going on. This otherwise excellent mod, which in my opinion only needed minor refinement after 0.3.1 is stuffed. Am i missing something or...? Yeah i know i'm whiner!
  11. Hey does anyone know why the bullet lines don't appear when looking through the helicopter glass? I jumped in a pawnee, if you look outside the aircraft the heli you can see the lines but when you look through the glass they disappear from view? Any Fixes for this. Also i've found once the glass moves over tot he broken glass texture you can see the lines. Some filter issues or something?