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    Custom Heli Crew

    1. Not if the helicopter is generated with standard crew, 2. As I said I have tried it with "get out" waypoint synched. Not working.
  2. Hi guys, I am having trouble with this since the dawn of men. I play good old ArmA (1) just for fun, but I played also ArmA 2 and the problem seems to be in both: I want to have custom made crew, because original crews are just wrong. For example MH60 - SOAR crew. I have downloaded some desert crew and black UH60s to make it look BHD style. Also the equipment of the pilot should be different to crew chief's. But when I want to add them into the helicopter it causes this problem: I add four man crew into the bird (pilot, turret 0, turret 1, and cargo - next to the pilot) all by moveindriver etc. The bird sits on the ground with the crew already in it - good. But then I want a fire team, to get into the bird. I give them waypoint to "Get In" the bird. The all board it. Pilot has the waypoint to transport unload close to invisible H far away. The fire team gets in, the bird flies away, but when it gets to the Transport Unload waypoint, he doesn't unload them. He just continues back to base (as I have told him to do after he unloads the team). Why? I have tried to do it more "complicated" and I have also gave the fire team the Get Out waypoint and synched it to the Transport Unload. In that case the pilot does not fly back to base he is just hovering above the H. Why? That is the whole problem. I know how to add crews with my oqn setting (addweapon, addmagazine, getindriver and stuff) to the helicopter, but that works only for attack helicopters and planes. If it is a cargo/utility helicopter, they don't know how to unload the teams. Can you pelase help? Is there a way? Thank you. PS: small question - is it possible to make the 4th cargo sitting crew member a commander? I mean when I set him as a group leader (no. 1) and put him into cargo, no. 2 is pilot, and no. 3 and 4 are crew chiefs the helicopter doesnt even take off. If you can help also with this please let me know, but way more important is the original issue - unable to unload.