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  1. @ramius86 i habe the same problem :-/ even with verifysignature off O_o
  2. Elreah

    [Early Preview] 3D Editor

    Okay sometimes I'n not a smart man -.- I had the wrong version of C++ Redistributable... Now my question is: How do I import a CSV file to a mission file?
  3. Elreah

    [Early Preview] 3D Editor

    Ok now the HEJ_3D folder and the LOG/CSV Folder was created. But i still can't export anything. I'm using Win8 and unfortunately i don't have a Win7 to test it.
  4. Elreah

    [Early Preview] 3D Editor

    I've two problems. 1. I cant export. There is no HEJ_3D Folder in my Documents and the Files also don't appear in the import funcion. 2. If the export would work, how do i import the work to an existing mission? thx for any help