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  1. I seem to have fixed something but still AiA HQ can't access @sud_russians and makes the Russian faction unusable.
  2. Hey there, can't get it to work. I have downloaded AiAHQ and it's dependencies with PWS, it got the job done faster than manually (except for @jsrs). Moved all downloaded Addons to the Arma 3 folder. I have the latest AiA Standalone version, with Arma3Sync I create a mod group for AiAHQ which consists of: @AllInArmaStandalone, @AllInArmaHighQualityPack and @CBA_A3. I boot and I get: "Addon 'AiA_RadioProtocol' requires addon 'AiA_Core'". Then black screen and some other error, and then "Arma 3 has stopped working" AiA Standalone uses patch 2 & 3 and AiA HQ is the version from 2/6/2014. It used to work some months before. What can I do? Thanks in advance.
  3. You know.. I wouldn't care so much about the new weapon sway if the AI had as much trouble as a player does when aiming at long range, the thing is, it doesn't. That makes it unfair. When you are stuggling to hit a thing at a certain range while not being able to get out of cover because the enemy AI will decimate you that just makes it unnecessarily difficult, and unrealistic. Either that or whatever side you're playing on doesn't train their soldiers while the enemies are some serious professionals. In multiplayer, it would just get annoying.
  4. Res

    BIS' New Game Launcher

    Well, I just tried the new launcher. And I'm going back to Arma3Sync. Steam launcher = detects Steam Workshop mods only. +The background is annoying. Screw that.
  5. So, I'm kind of lost, I just uninstalled Arma3Sync because of the new launcher, but where do I go look for new mods and updates ones from now on? I use playwithsix and Armaholic for my mods but now Steam Workshop supports Arma 3 addons, has anyone made a decision yet?
  6. I was doing a 2nd playthrough of the entire campaign, now fully released, without having to wait between episodes, which makes it a lot better. Now that I have been able to fully enjoy this I only have 2 complaints; very rage inducing friendly AI, and I finished the 3rd episode in one sitting. But generally the more you play, the easier everything is, and with more experience you are able to do complex tactics with the commander interface when it works. Cool stuff. Also LD, UAV or freaking map coords, Artillery can't hit shit. 1st playthrough I made Miller ending, 2nd I did NATO. Damn it Miller.
  7. I've had some A2 vehicles floating on the ground/not spinning wheels and speedometer not working, is this something common?
  8. Ahh Jesus, I was about to come here and write a whining post, lucky I found the Armaholic page for the mod download. God I HATE, H-A-T-E, that play withSIX program, god damn it pisses me off. I'm downloading, can't wait to play.
  9. The USMC M16A4 has no sound, and I can't hear footsteps when walking on grass. ---------- Post added at 18:34 ---------- Previous post was at 17:47 ---------- Okay, I fixed it, your genius program didn't download the JSRS sound pack, so I deleted the sound replace files from @allinarmahighqualitypack, it works fine now. What version of JSRS do I need to download to get the sound pack working?
  10. Hey there, I've been using AiA Standalone for some months now, today I bought Arma 2 The Complete Collection, I know there's another AiA that uses A2 files. What version do you recommend for use? Thanks in advance.