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    Speed Of Sound

    Hey thanks for the mod! Getting shot at is so much more terrifying now. Are the PBO files from v1 and v2 interchangeable? I prefer certain sounds in different versions I was wondering if I could mix and match. Edit: Im trying to get the distant incoming small arms fire sounds from v1 into v2. I prefer v2 overall.. but I find it lacks that nice muted pop pop pop of distant small arms fire.. or you need to be much farther away to hear it (+1km in v2) I put the bulletcracks and snaps from v2 into v1.. but I dislike the metallic clanking sounds of the rifles in first person in v1. Edit2: Okay I discovered its the core.pbo that is responsible for both the metallic clank in first person AND the nice popping at a (closer) distance. In v2 the distant incoming fire is either inaudible other than cracks or just a much quieter version of what MY first person shots sound like (which is nicer in v2.. more deep and echo) I think I will use v1 with the v2 bullet cracks :D.. or v2 with the v1 core.pbo? Two great combos. Anyways Ive been playing with it all day. I think I read your post about making a combined version with the best sounds from both? That sounds great. Thanks again pickle.. very immersive and realistic.
  2. +1.. want to see what other people have come up with!
  3. Yea what? My i5 4670 and GTX 760 can barely pull 30fps in singleplayer with no mods.. What resolution are you using?
  4. Looks cool, excited to try it. More armies is always good..
  5. Haha something like that. 'Whoa boys, ar'ight Bravo lets move' 'Y'aright boys?' 'Fack boys get that M72 out' Just need a lot of 'boys' being thrown out. Its similar but so much different and distinct to American combat videos/voices you may be used to seeing. Idk if its possible for them to mod the voices even? Would be cool though. L0ckAndL0ad Ive been using CAF units for a while now and have never even noticed those nitpicks you are pointing out. Good eye though.
  6. Hey Im having similar issues getting reinforcements to spawn like you. On a 'big' full map battle (with 200-400 units) I think they start spawning in sooner.. but in my small mission everything kind of stalled like you say. Ive been trying placing some non-profiled units groups along with Mil/Civ placements in ALiVE missions... seems to spice things up a bit and keep the battle active and moving. A few helis and a few infantry groups with waypoints. Still love this mod.. just a bit of trial and error to make some really impressive missions.
  7. Thx again for this great mod! As a (biased and apologetic) Canadian its surprising the best army mod for ArmA3 is the CAF mod! So professional.. really feels like Im playing as the 'good guys' :) 'Canadian' voices would add a lot to this pack imo. Whenever I watch videos of Canadian troops in action what always gets me is when I hear them talking/yelling orders.. hits home that those are really our guys out there.
  8. Canox

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Hi! Just want to say THANKS for making these 'bad guys' for me to shoot at. Its great that they work perfect with the ALiVE mission mod too.
  9. Hi! I was curious is there anyway to make all profiled units move to an objective.. instead of just the 2-3 groups that it default sends? The mission Im trying to make is just a small 1 placement vs 1 placement (60 units each) battle. Sometimes I do a 'Random' or 'Light Inf' force placement.. and it will send a small 2 man patrol as a 'group' to attack the obj. Obviously Id rather it send a proper squad. It sends squads too.. but I guess it will send the 2-3 closest profiled groups that spawn to the objective? I also want it to be an all out offensive instead of having only a small portion of each army advancing on each other. I want everyone to attack.. but still have reinforcements coming from my Mil/Civ placements when groups go down. Would it be better to use more placed unit groups with attack waypoints and have a smaller Mil/Civ force amount for defending the objectives? (I apologize.. still new to the ArmA editor. I like to use ALiVE as much as I can... but maybe what Im asking for could be done in as easier way without it) No problems with this mod just looking for some tips to use it better in my missions :) Another quick question.. will units not equipped with NVGs not move on an objective until its daylight? I started a mission at 4:00 and my units didnt start moving towards the objective until ~4:25. When I started the mission with the sun already up they moved right away. These units did not all have NVGs equipped (Hezbollah). Standard NATO units didnt move against me either until daylight (I think they all have NVGs?) Thanks again for this great mod!
  10. Hey! Thanks for the Alive Mountain War mission.. I really like the full scale battle aspect. This mission also runs very well despite the amount of profiles on it.
  11. Hey! Thanks for the quick and detailed reply. I was just trying to change the size of the opfor TAOR marker.. it didnt work after that. If there are scripts and stuff I understand why it wouldnt work, no worries! (I thought the whole mission was done with ALIVE modules..if only lol)
  12. Whoa thanks a lot for this mod pack.. superb quality. I use it all the time in my missions.. I like rollin' as a Recce team while my boys in LAVs rumble along beside me. Does anyone else have issues with the launcher ammo boxes? (both LAW and Carl Gustav) I can never access these launchers.. always get an error and the box shows up empty or only with ammo. They work fine when I spawn with one (other than the TMR Mods disposable thing that turns it into a PCML) Thx again!
  13. Re: Your Insurgency ALIVE mission, awesome! Ive been playing it too.. a few questions. Does it actually add 'Weapons Caches' somewhere in the enemy placement locations for me to find? I have also been trying to tweak the enemy placement marker so they only spawn in a smaller area of the map instead all of Altis.. this seems to break the mission for me. Any tips? Sry Im new to ArmA and have only started learning the editor using Alive and some other simple modules. Thanks!