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  1. I'm trying to find a way to modify a mod already released before I start making my own assets for a jet mod but it doesn't seem to matter what values I edit, I can't fly faster than 1350km/h. Is there a speed cap in the engine that limits maximum air speed?
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    Arma3 Videos

    Are you kidding me? This got baked into a "user video" thread? That's a really fucking underhanded way of hiding criticism.
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    Arma3 Videos

    >at least BIS tries to improve stuff Not seeing any of that.
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    Arma3 Videos

    And it does:
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    Arma3 Videos

    Fisher price, indeed
  6. Similairly there seems to be an acceleration cap Doesn't matter if you set it to 200 or 200000000000, you'll still be accelerating just as fast
  7. Anything below 60fps is unacceptable There is no way to achieve 60fps on any system in coop multiplayer absolutely pathetic
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    VTS Simple weapon resting

    There is a MAJOR BUG when running VTS and the peral a10c The above combination will force you to crouch at random intervals All it takes is for you to have both mods loaded, no a10 has to be spawned in the game for the bug to occur. Please look into what's causing this
  9. I thought first it was just bad mods I was using but it turns out weapon sway and scope sway are out of synch for all weapons. Can we expect this to be fixed at any point?
  10. Gonna have to repeat my question Am I correct in understanding that draw distance is primarily limited by RAM and CPU, and the fact that arma3 is a 32-bit exe?
  11. Getting script errors with the unit caching http://i.imgur.com/sSnXNZA.png
  12. Simplecache doesn't appear to be working at all. Units will just stay on the map regardless of what I try. http://pastebin.com/fs3XZ9ZB The above is the script I use to call the spawns and the caching, I've been wrestling with this now for the better part of an afternoon and regardless of what I tyr changing I always get the same result; nothing is ever despawned.
  13. I have a group of hostages that when interacted with are supposed to get in the nearest of a pair of littlebirds. I have the addaction part done but what I need is a script that gives them a waypoint for whichever named vehicle is closest. I don't know how to get this working, help would be appreciated.
  14. So am I correct in understanding that draw distance is primarily limited by RAM and CPU, and the fact that arma3 is a 32-bit exe?
  15. That's not my question though, I'm asking about speed/friction and if there's something hardcoded into the engine that makes it exponentially harder to go faster as you pass beyond 1000km/h
  16. Do we have anyone actually knowledgable on the subject able to say whether or not there is a speed cap?
  17. I would like to know how well gpu's with more than 4gb of VRAM handle extreme draw distances in arma 3. Do we have any Titan users here? What sort of performance do you get at 12k/12k draw?
  18. I'd like for a couple different triggers to be activated on sector capture but only when a sector is captured by indfor. How can I do this in the editor? And if not in the editor, how can I do this with scripting?
  19. And the name of indfor in this case is resistance?
  20. Is there really no one capable of answering this?
  21. That's my question, how do I check if a specific side captures a sector?
  22. How would you turn them back on again?
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    How do I create a destination for a task that is created through the calling line for another task?