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  1. Use the ingame config browser, look at the config for one of the vanilla mx'es, the ingame one will show it without the inheritance. So it will show everything, even properties that are inherted, and not as a regular class inheritance.
  2. Just add scopeCurator = 2; it's the same as scope, only for the "curator" ie. zeus.
  3. Have you added them in CfgPatches? And do they have scope = 2; and scopeCurator = 2; set?
  4. Hi, I am stuck with my mod, the addon builder stops working whenever I try to launch it. I just re-downloaded the files, and that didn't work. I then proceed to try the dev branch, without luck. Then I looked at the error logs (for dev branch): And the logs for non dev branch: And this is the error message I get when I try to run the addon builder from the commandline, this error is not logged anywhere. This only started to occur after the marksmen DLC got released, and not before, or with the marksmen dev branch. EDIT: Found the problem, not solved. After doing some more looking around, I found out that the problem lies in an xml file that the addon builder creates on launch. And then can't read. They are located in here: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Bohemia_Interactive It appears that the files was filled with NULs, I then deleted it. After relaunching the addon builder I still get the error described above and it creates a new folder with a new file in it called "user.config" this is an xml file, and I can read it no problem, doesn't look corrupted in any way. Here is what the user.config file looks like: EDIT: Cleaned out the appdata folder form everything Arma related, just got yet another error when trying: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at AddonBuilder.MainViewModel.UpdateSettingsWithDefaults()
  5. Currently making a mod for Arma 3, that aims to allow players to make custom loadouts for the three jets already in the game, using vanilla weapons. I have currently made magazines with 1x of each weapons, and a dummy empty one along with guns that fire them. I have however had some problems when adding the weapons, with weapons not appearing, or on the wrong pylons. Here are the hardpoints on the buzzard numbered (Red ones for CAS, blue ones for AA): http://i.imgur.com/iphhFTR.png (132 kB) Here is what happens when I add (To buzzard CAS) asraams's to 1&2 macer's to 3&4 and sharurs to 5&6. http://i.imgur.com/CRP38an.jpg (144 kB) And here is what happens when i add (To buzzard CAS) asraam's to 3&4&5&6 and Sharur's to 1&2 http://i.imgur.com/8TOz6dh.jpg (155 kB) Anyone got an idea as to how I can fix this? This occurs on all the vanilla jets, not just the buzzard.