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  1. Hello, a bit of a problem regarding this script. I've got it all set up, no problems whatsoever it works great on MP. However, and I'm not sure if this is on purpose or not but upon dying and respawning the ability to bring up the "Character customization" option is no longer there. In other words, there is no option at all. If it's on purpose, then my apologies for a useless post. But if it's an issue that I perhaps messed up, what could be the problem? Maybe it's a problem remedied using the ammo box method too, but either way I'm still curious as to whether or not I did something wrong. I'm a novice scripter, but the fact that it works 100% and then doesn't give the option after dying and respawning is baffling me. Any help would be much appreciated. :D
  2. Chalkoutline

    Randomly generated roadside IEDs

    Oh wow, I'm such a derp. Thank you so much, it works perfectly now. :D
  3. Chalkoutline

    Randomly generated roadside IEDs

    Hello, great script and easy to use. I've got it down relatively well, but obviously not down enough. I've got the script working with every WEST unit, mods included. But, for whatever reason I cannot for the life of me get it so CIV's set IED's off. I'm pretty sure I have it correct, but here is how I have it in the IED Settings. iedInitialArray = [ ["AllCities","West", "CIV"], ["AllVillages","West", "CIV"] ]; What am I doing wrong? I've tried a number of things, all of which still allows the West side to set off IED's but not the Civilians. Maybe it's the method I'm testing the IED's to be set off? I'm using convoys through MCC, Civilian convoys with regular offroads. With that said, it doesn't make sense either because I tested using West convoys and they set off IED's still. I should also note that I'm using A3MP, on Takistan. All of which, once again work completely fine except for Civilians. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Chalkoutline

    Can not load games. Missing content errors

    I don't know, have not tried it. Deleting the .Cfg is more for those who have errors for mods on start up. (Particularly those mods that become outdated due to BI patches) I attempted the Campaign with something like 30 different mods and as soon as I died or had to restart from an autosave point I get a long list of script errors and a CTD at times, although largely inconsistent. Oddly enough however is that restarting the mission entirely works rather than using autosave, which is a pain in the ass (but the only way to use mods). From what I can tell is that you just can't use mods in the Campaign for whatever reason, unless of course you don't mind restarting the entire mission if you die. The latest BI patch broke a lot of things though, such as task modules being broken and a few other things to do with Multiplayer, so hopefully a hotfix is issued soon.
  5. Chalkoutline

    Adapt crash

    Have you tried verifying the integrity of the game cache? Maybe when you downloaded the Adapt campaign there was an error and you may be missing a file.
  6. Chalkoutline

    Adapt crash

    The Autosave function is only broken when you have mods enabled, other than that it should work. But like I said, mods loaded are loaded through the .Cfg, so there may be potential errors with certain mods, especially when there was the newest patch which was the "adapt" campaign. Whenever there is a new patch, some mods may become broken and cause issues that you're unaware of.
  7. Chalkoutline

    Adapt crash

    Remove the mods, just take them out of Arma 3's directory or wherever you have them installed and put them in a separate folder altogether. The Campaign, for whatever reason disallows the use of mods of any sort, gives you script errors and just doesn't let you play the campaign at all. This could be the main cause as to why you're able to play at some points, but on others you either lag a lot or you're not able to play at all. Also, in Documents > Arma 3, there is a Arma3.Cfg file, delete that as well as it loads the mods upon booting up the game. (don't worry, the file will replace itself as soon as you boot the game) It creates a new .Cfg, completely clean of any mods and potential errors. Lastly, upon deleting this file it will change a few graphical options when you boot up the game. I believe it re-enables Vsync, HDR and PIP if you previously had them disabled or on low, so change them as you see fit. I just tried the Campaign with mods installed because I've seen multiple threads saying you get script errors and in general a lot of issues like your game crashing. Upon doing this, I got script errors whenever I died or had to restart a part in the campaign, therefore it basically broke the "autosave" function and the only way you're able to play the Campaign with mods is if you completely restart the mission you are on entirely (which is a pain). So, try out the aforementioned suggestions and give it a go. Fresh vanilla Arma 3, no mods and a fresh new Arma3.Cfg.
  8. Chalkoutline

    I broke launching through steam

    Try Deleting your Arma3.cfg in Documents > Arma 3, here is where all your mods load up upon booting up the game from any launcher. Make sure you remove any mods from your folders prior to doing this though, otherwise when you boot up the game it'll just boot it up with those mods being loaded. Have a fresh vanilla Arma 3 directory with no mods and boot up the game, it'll create another .Cfg file to replace the one you just deleted where NO mods will load up in the .Cfg. Doing this pretty much cleanses the directory, so in theory it should not give you any errors anymore. Now once you have the game entirely loaded up, close it down and insert your @mod folders and when you boot it up again enable your mods, restart the game and the .Cfg will load those mods the next time it boots up with those mods enabled, but since all the mods should be updated you should not receive this error. (Keep in mind, if you've altered the .Cfg prior to deleting it at all, you'll have to do it again but it's not too much of an issue). Also, you may have to change a couple graphical settings too, I believe deleting the .Cfg re-enables Vsync, HDR and PIP if you had them disabled/low before.
  9. Chalkoutline

    Enemy AI Divers throw Grenades under water

    The newest patch broke a few things, so I wouldn't expect a fix for that until they fix the stuff that wasn't broken to begin with. However, I never encountered this problem, are you running any AI mods?
  10. Chalkoutline

    Adapt crash

    Are you running any mods of any sort upon playing the campaign? or are you just running vanilla Arma 3? (also, not really important, but what is your frame rate in both the first campaign and the new one?).
  11. Chalkoutline

    Can not load games. Missing content errors

    Make sure you also delete the Arma3.cfg in your Documents Arma 3 as well, this is where Arma 3 loads your mods when booting up the game so it may be useful to delete if you encounter any mod errors, or any errors in general. You'll reacquire a fresh .Cfg file the next time you boot up the game, so if you have altered anything within this file prior, you can do so again. :) Also, you may have to configure a couple graphic settings when deleting and reacquiring this file. I believe Vsync, PIP and HDR re-enable themselves if you have them turned off.
  12. To add to this, it also doesn't matter what method of synchronization you use either, (All Playable, Groups Of Synchronized Objects, etc, etc). They all assign, create and complete within a small fraction of time as soon as someone joins. What I've also noticed is that the tasks reassign as soon as you go through the Trigger you had setup initially. This is usually sporadic however, sometimes it will, sometimes it won't.
  13. I tried your workaround and I must say it works wonderfully. It took me awhile to fully grasp it and understand it, as I'm not great at scripting yet, but as soon as I learned it all it made not only perfect sense, but I find it better than the module system. Not to mention it actually works perfectly too, which is an obvious plus. I still hope they fix the module issue, as another avenue of making missions would be great.
  14. It was working perfectly fine prior to the update, so whatever they did butchered the task modules in that specific update. I'd like to think that I'm doing something completely and utterly wrong and that someone can point me in the right direction, but seeing as there is a lot of people with the same issue I don't think there is a direct fix (other than using pure scripting).
  15. I too fall into this same category. Except, for me they don't work when hosting it. It also doesn't work for neither of my clan mates, nor does it work for dedicated either. I've resorted to using Trigger based "hint" tasks, rather than module tasks and while it works, it is extremely frustrating and not as neat as module based tasks. It makes no sense, the Trigger can be 10 KM away and it'll still trigger the task and complete it as soon as someone else joins even though the Trigger is miles away.