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  1. Brutal500


    Is this mod working atm or ??
  2. Brutal500

    ASOR Gear Selector

    Is a mod version up yet?
  3. Any chance i can change the keybind ( instead of Win left i want to use win right ) ??
  4. Brutal500

    ASR AI 3

    Is this working fine with Bcombat? sorry if this question have been addressed before, i'm just lazy atm.
  5. Brutal500

    Redhawk Inc. - Mercs

    I figured out my problem
  6. Brutal500

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hit "Esc" and you will see a optional button marked AGM or something like that, there you can configure your preference. Think you will find it on the last page (3/3)
  7. Brutal500

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    First of all Thank you for this awesome mod 10/10 -- but today i got a wired issue, when i started a mission with my addon pack, the mission failed cause the hostage died. Was working last time i played it but now it doesn't. I really though this was a mission bug but i then tried multiple missions with the same issue. Im running with 30+40 mods and its always been smooth. I spent alot of time trying to find what addon was causing this issue and found out it was AGM. my question is this, can i use customize AGM and use some of the parts for my liking ? I'm thinking if i could possibly find what is causing this issue and take it out of the mod ... maybe it sounds stupid... Let me know. // Brutal ^
  8. Brutal500


    +1 gl, I can't wait to be able to play again with your mod sonny jim <3
  9. Brutal500


    You Sir are a legend ! Can't wait !!!!!! ;)
  10. Brutal500

    WW AIMenu (complimentary commands)

    Could you be a Sir and explain where i put that txt ( or what to do with it so it works ) thanks alot ^^ // Brutal ^
  11. If there is a updated version it would show on the first page, unless the author doesn't give a fuck.
  12. Brutal500

    Speed Of Sound

    Is the grenade explosion sound still really low ?
  13. I was under the impression that ASR and Bcombat did some of things the same ? right ? so there must be some conflict, and if so then my question is "Does it lower your performance ?"
  14. and you post a video showing off your mod but you have music in it and not the sound mod itself ... /facepalm Don't you think having a video of your mod on the first page should be with your sounds so we can hear how it is ? or am i on some kind of hardcore drugs ?
  15. Brutal500

    A-10C for Arma 3

    WTB link to the v.02 -- ty