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  1. 5 hours ago, reyhard said:

    Duke is preventing detonation of nearby explosives (~20-50m) & jams TFAR radio. Note however, that TFAR functionality might be bit outdated.

    Rhino afair is cosmetic only - there are plans to make it functional.


    Thanks for the Info. I'm guessing ACE messes it up or is it compatible?

  2. Could any one help me out? Why am i getting this error?




    class PT_F16_jag : FIR_F16C
    		scope = 2;
    		author = "Kerozen";
    		displayName = "F-16 Fighting Falcon Jaguares";	
    		fir_f16_custom_skin = 1;
    		fir_f16_custom_name = "F-16 Portugal Jaguares";
    		fir_f16_custom_code = "PT_F16_jag";
    		hiddenselectionstextures[] = {
    		fir_f16_engine = "PW220";
    		fir_f16_aux = "iff";
    		fir_f16_hud = "std";		
    		fir_f16_vwt = "standard"; 
    		fir_f16_cft = "no";	
    	//	editorPreview = "\your_f16_mod_path\preview.jpg"; 


    Edit: I'm on a roll.... I'm just blind (again) If an admin wants this and my last post in this topic can be deleted

  3. I don't know the structure of the mod but i'm guessing they want to minimize that kind of thing (separate pbos for each camo) so people don't reupload their mod separately based on camo/equipment choice.


    if i remember correctly they will have 2 versions of them mod a full version with everything available and a lite version with fewer options to declutter the arsenal

  4. Nice mod!


    Is there any way to make the ranks on the jacket bigger? It might just be me but i can barely see the ranks, they are really small.


    Also don't know if its intentional but the right arm velcro texture is going over the "border"




    Again, thanks for the awesome mod