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  1. Is this going to be updated with the 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles Uniforms now they are part of 16aa?
  2. Bulajunior

    Brigade of Gurkhas [Recruiting][Milsim]

    Update #1 http://i.imgur.com/I2KZTR7.png (361 kB) The Brigade of Gurkhas and their attached units, have deployed to FOB Wahid, as part of the ISAF forces within Afghanistan, The unit will spend the duration of their tour operating from this base carrying out patrols to clear the area of Taliban forces. What has happened We have been joined by a 6 man team from the US 5th Special forces Group, they are working closely with 4 Squadron, calling in Airstrikes and inserting behind enemy lines to provide recon and support for the Royal Gurkha Rifles
  3. Screw you guys, now i have to edit my whole mod pack to put this in there!!!!!!! ;) Seriously good work guys.
  4. Brigade of Gurkhas Who Are We? The Gurkhas is the revival of a previous Arma 2 clan (under a different name) with new members drawing experience from our time spent within other milsim units. The Brigade formed in March 2015 however the roots of our Arma clans can be traced back to 2013, showing we have a bit of experience when it comes to the Arma milsim scene. Interested in something? Joining? Requirements: Working Microphone. Working copy of Arma 3. Available to attend missions at 8PM Gmt on a Wednesday. Willing to Install Mods. PM me with your Name Age Nationality Preferred Role Any Previous Experience Joint Ops? Contact Bulajunior - Brigade of Gurkha on Steam, or alternatively you can PM me on here. Mergers? We are always happy to allow Smaller units a chance to join the community to try to work together to build a stronger regiment. Therefore we are always looking for groups of any number to join and if they want (Discretion of the Command team is required) they can form their own section or fire team. This allows them to stick within the group they feel comfortable in but also expand both our communities. If you are interested in a merger please contact Bulajunior - Brigade of Gurkha On Steam or alternatively you can pm me on here. Open Roles Gurkha Rifleman - Rifleman, with opportunity to become medic, signaler and team leaders. Gurkha Engineer Support - Building defenses, vehicle repair and bomb disposal. Gurkha Logistics Support - Transport of supplies and troops, across the battlefield. 5th Special Forces Group, Operator - Covert reconnaissance. 4 Squadron Royal Air Force - Transport and Close air support, Pilot and Gunner roles available. Queen's Royal Hussars Trooper - Crew of a Challenger MK2 or Warrior APC to provide armored support for the Infantry on operations.
  5. Bulajunior

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Would anyone be able to make me a RAF beret. I know the British beret mod was said to get one however, i feel that we are never going to get one, but would still love one. Would really appreciate it if someone could make this. I am not a modder, i don't really have time to learn either otherwise i would make this.
  6. Merged & Reformed as The Brigade of Gurkhas
  7. Squad name: 40 Commando Royal Marines Timezone/location : GMT Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Both mainly co-op however. Contact email: NO email yet, Add Bulajunior(40Cdo) On steam Website address: N/A Short description: We are a small group of experienced Milsim members striving for a relaxed role play environment. This means we play in a role play style with realism mods, while having fun at the same time. We are looking for new members to form a 2nd section to work with out section and our FST. Language: English
  8. Brilliant work looks great so far. Nice to see the British clans getting some new equipment.
  9. Real Name: Hawkins Steam Name: Bulajunior Age: 16 Time Zone: GMT Available: Most weeks, Tues,Wednesday Weekends (work shifts depending) Notable Skills: Good Rotary and Fixed wing pilot and experienced leader and Medic Experience: Been in several Arma 2 and 3 clans, Ran a couple successful units the first disbanding to transfer to arma 3 then the second when we merged. I have experience as a leader, and I am willing to help a clan in a admin role, however am also very happy to fill in as a regular rifleman in a unit. I am also up for Pilot Roles in both transport and attack roles.Outside of arma i am a Air cadet Cpl in Devon & Somerset wing (Not much use but just thought i would chuck it in) Looking For:British Army based clan of any size that enjoy milsim but also have fun (end of the day that's what it is all about).
  10. [1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment Who are we 1st Battalion The parachute regiment is a relaxed milsim unit for arma 3. we use a few more mods to increase immersion and to increase the diversity of our missions. We have several missions a week ranging from covert recce missions to airborne assaults. we like to be relaxed with our missions we just like to have fun, at the end of the day thats what its about. Regimental History Impressed by the success of Adolf Hitler's fallschirmjäger units Winston Churchill ordered the creation of a British Parachute Brigade to be dropped into Europe as the spearhead of the invasion. Today however the 1st Battalion's role is very different, the battalion is now under the command of UKSFG and provides the role of Specil forces Support. This means the assist the SAS, SBS and other countries Special Operations units in Missions around the world. 1 (F) Squadron Royal Air Force Who are we? The Squadron is a Royal Air Force Squadron who fly close air support and air superiority missions in support of 1 Para's missions. Squadron History The F in the name stands for founder. The squadron has this in its name as it was the first RAF Squadron to be formed, and for Nearly 100 years has been in nearly every campaign the RAF has been to, The squadron were also the world first Harrier jump jet Squadron. Revered and Respected for its excellence around the world no. 1 Squadron is one of the worlds most elite fast jet combat Squadron. Unit Courses Phase 1: This is our basic training you all recruits have to do this and is Required to become a private Phase 2: The Second Course required for a Paratrooper if he wishes to reach LCPl or CPl SNCO Course: The Course that is required to reach an SNCO rank. you are chosen by the CO to take this. Officer Course: When the officers think you are ready you can take the officer course, this course lasts 1 month and your are being tested that entire time. Basic Airmanship: The Course required to join the Raf this course then means you are qualified to be a co-pilot Weapons safety officer or Crew chief depending on the air craft you are assigned to. Advanced Airmanship: The course that is taken after 2 Months as a WSO etc to become a pilot to be a pilot you also take the Officer course as all RAF pilots are Officers. Ace Airmanship: If thought worthy you can be chosen to take the Ace Course this then allows you to lead a flight and drop heavier ordnance. Mods list COMING SOON!!!! Recruitment No Age limit Preferably a mic, but we will make exceptions Willing to get some mods People who want to enjoy the game Interested in Joining or a Co-op If you are interested in either a co-op mission or joining either PM me or add Bulajunior on steam. Our teamspeak IP: password: para
  11. Bulajunior

    HMS Somerset

    Sorry the unit reformed as 1 Para and 1(F) Squadron RAF
  12. 7 Squadron Royal Air Formed as the last of the RFC squadrons played a major part in World War 1. In 1923 was transferd to Bomber Command this set its path along the ages to becoming a Helicopter squadron in present day. Although the real 7 Squadron operates just the Boeing Chinook, we also operate the Westland Merlin Westland Wildcat and the Apache gunship. We use these air craft for transport and Cas roles. Ranks Officer Ranks Squadron Leader-Sqn_Ldr Flight lieutenant -Flt_Lt Flying Officer-Fg_Off Pilot Officer-Plt_Off Officer Cadet-Off_Cdt NCO Ranks Warrant Officer-WO Flight Sergeant-FS Chief Technician-Chf_Tech Sergeant-Sgt Corporal-Cpl Lance Corporal-LCpl Enlist Junior Technician-Jnr_Tech Senior Aircraftman Technician-SAC_Tech Senior Aircraftman-SAC Leading Aircraftman-LAC Airman-Arm 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment Formed in world war 2 as part of the new parachute regiments. They were formed spearhead the invasion of France by jumping out of aircraft or landing in gliders. However now we don't tend to parachute (well unless our pilot is lousy) we use the Merlin for medium lift into peaceful areas the Wildcat for quick landings of a section and the Chinook for landing the whole platoon into a hot LZ. Ranks Officer Major-Mjr Captain-Cpt Lieutenant-Lt Second Lieutenant-2Lt Officer cadet -Off_Cdt NCO Warrant Officer Class 1-WO1 Warrant Officer Class 2-WO2 Staff Sergeant-Ssgt Sergeant-SGT Corporal-Cpl Lance Corporal-LCpl Enlist Private-Pte Cadet-Cdt Mercenary(Invite)-PMC About us We are formed from originally a group of friends who play Mount and Blade but have no branched out allowing our missions to be bigger and better. We also have some military experience on our side with a ex Royal welsh Fusiliers Lance Corporal, A RAF firearms training officer and several Air/Army Cadets Why Not ACE/ACRE? We did attempt to use ACE and ACRE when we started out but our attendance dropped to people not having the mods and several issues with peoples pcs dying. So we decided to wait until July to change giving us time to increase our numbers and get all our recruits trained. Interested in joining? Submit a application here Steam Name?: In game Name?: Age? (we do not have a minimum age limit) Hours on Arma?: Do you have Ace/ACRE? Please note you can not just apply straight for 7 Squadron all members must do at least 2 months in 3 Para and of passed basic training, Advanced Role Training and Basic Airman ship. Also you will be a gunner before you get a chance at piloting this ensures all our pilots know what we are doing. Interested in joint Ops Add [18e/HB]Bulajunior 7 Sqn on steam or leave your steam name down in this thread We do not require you to ask for both units if you only require some Cas then we can just send the Apache Flight of 7 Squadron Explanation of the training Basic Training (Phase 1) This is the stage that all must pass to advance from Cadet to private. It involves formations reaction to fire and all the basic battle drills needed to survive in combat. Advanced Role Training (Phase 2)This is required to go up to Lance Corporal however does not guarantee promotion. It envolves training on all of the Classes such as Machine Gunner At etc. Basic Leadership Training (Phase 3) This is required to reach a SNCO rank (Sergeant and above) It teaches the basics on commanding a section and how to keep control of your Troops. Basic Airmanship This is the course that is required before joining 7 Squadron it teaches the basics of being a Helicopters gunner or crew chief. This includes basic training on how to fly also as it may be needed. Advanced Airmanship When a pilot spot opens up the gunners and crew chiefs get given a chance to prove themselves by going through the advanced airmanship course this tests the pilot in situations of engine loss or tail roter damage as well as landing in hot or Small LZs Medals Victoria Cross The premier award for gallantry, the VC may be awarded to all ranks of the services and civilians for gallantry in the presence of the enemy.VC Distinguished Service Order Awarded for highly successful command and leadership during active operations DSO Conspicuous Gallantry Cross Awarded in recognition of acts of conspicuous gallantry during active operations against the enemy.CGC Military Cross Awarded to all ranks of the RN, RM, Army, and RAF in recognition of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy on land.MC Distinguished Flying Cross Awarded to all ranks of the RN, RM, Army, and RAF in recognition of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy in the air.DFC George Cross Awarded to civilians and military personnel for acts for which military honors would not normally be granted.GC Mercian Medal- Awarded to those in our old reg. MM Operation Endeavor Service Medal- Awarded to those who served on Operation Endeavor ESO Awards Section Marksman-Best shot in your section Platoon Marksman-Best shot in your platoon First Aid Award-Successfully completed a first aid course Mercian Medal- Awarded to those in our old reg Roster 7 Squadron Royal Air Force Squadron Leader Bula- OC/Pilot MM,ESO, Pilot Officer Tiossem-Pilot MM,GC Chief technician Burgersuarus-Gunner ESO,GC 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment Lieutenant Tombenno-IC 3 Para MM,ESO Sergeant Kraken-2IC 3 para MC, MM, ESO Corporal Chrieh-Fireteam Leader-MM Corporal Mixmash-Fireteam leader Corporal Kieron-TBC Lance Corporal Viriatus-AT ESO Lance Corporal Pluto-TBC MM Lance Corporal-Marksman MM Private Pribprib-Machine Gunner Private Edgar-Asst MG MM Private Adel-TBC MM Private Issa-Machine Gunner MM Private Arkus Eon-TBC Cadet Hazzard-TBC Cadet Jack-TBC Cadet Arma-TBC Cadet Spin-TBC Cadet Cola-TBC Cadet James-TBC Cadet LFCJames Cadet Roenne-TBC