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  1. nefiron

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hey everyone! I am looking for one thing - A black Mk20. I found a pack where it's included, but apparantly the author dosen't know how to make a bikey. So I am looking for a black Mk20 and it's C and GL variant, preferably with Ace Compatibility. :)
  2. I would love to see the ability to randomize some loadout on certain units. Like having a unit start out with different classnamed helmets or vests etc. :)
  3. First of all. Thank you for an amazing framework! And a question: Are you able to assign a variable with weapon classnames in the default role in the assign gear script? I was thinking about letting rifleman players have random variants of the Mk18. Is that possible? Else I would really suggest that as I love the randomization of helmets and uniforms/vests. :D
  4. nefiron

    Damons HD Kryptek Units WIP

    I am enjoying them a lot! Those are amazing! :D Thanks! - But why isn't the weapons included?
  5. nefiron

    Damons HD Kryptek Units WIP

    You never released? :(
  6. I love the concepts of your packs. :) But will you still keep your current 12 man - 1 vehicle groupings or will you make some new ones? Because they are hard to work with out of the box sometimes.
  7. nefiron

    Hidden Identity Pack V.2

    Looks really good! :D This is definatly an essential to most of the ARMA community! Btw. Which pack is your reference gear from? The helmets etc.
  8. Is there a way to edit it so only a chosen unit will get this ability?
  9. Majoris! Before releasing, you should check your group settings to make it ALiVE Compatible! That would be amazing! :) http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php?title=Unit_Mod_Config_Standardisation Would be quite cool to have the PLAs invading etc. :D
  10. Yeah I would really like to see this one be proper compatible with ALiVE as these are much more proper opponents on the Altian Island. I would like to assist if there's some config problems. :)
  11. Sounds neat! :D Although I did get your factions to work. I just had to use lowercase indeed but things where spawning. :)
  12. You sure? Well the problem dosen't show up for me anymore and I did have @MASS enabled. But antoineflemming, what is the faction classnames? I don't seem to be able to find them anywhere in the readme. Also why are they all Motorized versions? You got any plans to include normal infantry squads or alike?
  13. Experienced the same problem. :( I guess a hotfix can do it. :P Also what is the Faction Classnames? I could really use those apart from the gear to integrate them with a ALiVE Scenario.