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  1. wolx

    Sham's US Armament Pack

    Thank you Shammy. I really like the grip placement on the mag.
  2. wolx


    AK-47's for everyone! Forgot to say great job on the mod.
  3. wolx

    ADF Uncut

    The DL link seems to throw up an error (Nothing Here).
  4. OK, thanks for the answer. Is there a way to change the thread to answered?
  5. This project looks very promising. Especially the climbing.
  6. Hi forum, I am trying to set up a LAN game on my laptop and was wondering if there is any way to force players to download the mods I have installed so they can see them?
  7. wolx


    Realy cool mod. Thank you!
  8. Thanks a bunch for modding the FAMAS into ARMA, it is one of my favorite weapons.
  9. wolx

    ADF Uncut

    Huge thanks for the mod. My friends and I have been having a blast using it.
  10. Nice mod. Keep up the good work.