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  1. Uhm I know how to make mission script, my problems lies in converting those scripts to mod/addon structure
  2. I have created a piece of code (mainly a plaything) where I deny the AI vehicle to overtake unless the vehicle in front is not moving. So far so good, now I try to create a mod (first time :\ ) with the script, however the script does not execute and I do not know why. I have created the config.bin together with the main script (.sqf) and then packed it as PBO but still not work when starting game with the mod on :( any help or pointer to a complete addon noob is appreciated :) Download @VEHCON
  3. I have a main menu with a button when I click the button several other buttons should appear (button ception?) in display 46 however when I use the same "[] spawn {findDisplay 46 createDisplay "GUI insert here"};" command the main menu display disappears :( My question is can I add the new buttons to display 46 without having to add all element into a new class ?
  4. Because of the poor description about GUI I am in a lost regarding what the difference between RSCbutton and RSCbuttonmenu?
  5. coolfact

    Display parent help

    Thanks soolie helped a lot. Lets say Instead of closing the the GUI I want to create more buttons while still keeping the original point button, how would you do that? When I create the new buttons with "createDisplay" with the parent 46 the new display erases the old (which does make sense I guess)
  6. coolfact

    Display parent help

    Yeah I tried that but the GUI does not spawn
  7. I'm trying to create a display (dialog did not work due control was blocked) where I can move around (using WASD) while having a mouse cursor on screen and using it to move around together with camera control. However something is missing with the displays parent, because when creating the display with "CreateDisplay" the GUI does not show. Furthermore if someone have an Idea how to ad mouse I would also like to know :D description.ext: #include "GUI\define.hpp" #include "GUI\dialogs.hpp" init.sqf: player addaction ["Open GUI","GUI\fn_open_dialog.sqf"]; fn_open_dialog.sqf: //Create Camera cam_Center_POS = (getpos player); cam_Center = "heliHempty" createvehicle cam_Center_POS; cam_View_POS = [(cam_Center_POS select 0),(cam_Center_POS select 1),10]; cam = "camcurator" CamCreate cam_View_POS; // camcurator Camera cam CameraEffect ["INTERNAL","Back"]; cam CamSetTarget cam_Center_POS; cam CamCommit 0.1; //Create Display disableSerialization; //createDialog "COOL_MainPoint_Display"; //Dialog, no control! [] spawn {findDisplay 9999 createDisplay "RscTitles"}; //cutRsc ["COOL_MainPoint_Display", "PLAIN",20]; // Creates the display but no mouse //waituntil {!isnull (findDisplay 9999);}; hint "Display done"; dialogs.hpp: class RscTitles { class COOL_MainPoint_Display { idd = 9999; duration = 10; movingenabled = false; class controls { class COOL_rscButton: RscButton { idc = 1600; text = "Points"; x = 0.005 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.016 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.0309375 * safezoneW; h = 0.033 * safezoneH; action = closeDisplay 1; }; }; }; };
  8. I have tried to copy the loadout script used in apex protocol, which works fine (getting the right gear and so on). However I was wondering if I have specialized units such as medics which needs to be defined by class if using addons such as Ace 3 (advanced medic) the role selection in the menu is not defining the class of the unit, is there a way to add unit to a class? Or do I need to have an lobby defined medic? (eden placed medic, which can be chosen in lobby)? My code: class CfgRoles { class Corpsman { displayName = "Corpsman"; icon = "\A3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\Ranks\sergeant_gs.paa"; }; }; class CfgRespawnInventory { class WEST1 { displayName = "USMC"; // Name visible in the menu icon = "\A3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\weaponicons\srifle_ca.paa"; // Icon displayed next to the name show = "side group _this == west"; role = "Corpsman"; ... //Rest of loadout code ... };
  9. Sorry for the bad description of my problem, what I want is to have multiple conditions (I can get it to work in addaction) to be valid before the menu is being shown in the radial menu. {!(player isEqualTo commander objectParent player ) && !(player isEqualTo driver objectParent player ) && !(player isEqualTo gunner objectParent player ) && (vehicle player isKindOf 'Landvehicle')}
  10. Thanks commy2 helped alot, on another note is it possible to have an self interaction button only show when lets say you are in a vehicle (noticed that condition in ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction only prevent user to run statement, not hide the button if condition is not met )
  11. Can someone help me create a custom a custom interaction tap for ace. I can get the icon to show in the interaction tap, however I want to use the variable '_veh' and '_side' in the 'fn_random' function but if I am doing as below, it will not show. _action = ["Random_HQ", "Random", "", {[_Veh,_side] call fn_random},{true}] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; [_Veh, 0, ["ACE_MainActions"], _action] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject; any help is appreciated
  12. I am trying to create a simple livefeed script for people inside tanks, so they can view whats happening in front of the vehicle when in 1st person. However the relative coordinate system is making me a bit confused, if I want to attach the source object to the 'driverview' memPoint and the target object 1m in front of the memPoint/vehicle (so the livefeed will show whats in front of the vehicle), how should the highlighted (red) array be set, I have tried different combinations but to no avail. //Create and hide objects used for livefeed _source = "Sign_Sphere10cm_F" createVehicleLocal position player; _target = "Sign_Sphere10cm_F" createVehicleLocal position player; hideObject _target; hideObject _source; // Vehicle objects needs to be attached to _veh = vehicle player; //attach objects to vehicle _source attachTo [_veh,[0,0,0], "driverview"]; _target attachTo [_veh,[1,0,0], "driverview"]; // Create livefeed [_source,_target,player,0] call BIS_fnc_liveFeed;
  13. Ok fixed the script apparently it was my waituntil line which gave me trouble... waitUntil {sleep 0.2; !isNull player || time > 0}; Which leads me to why would synchronizedObjects having trouble if one pause the script for 200 miliseconds? is the synchronization with vehicles broken after game start?
  14. I have decided to get back to some arma scripting after some time apart from arma 3, however doing so resulted in some of my scripts not working anymore, I found out that the problem lie with the 'synchronizedObjects' command, however can't see any problems with the code, and a quick search didn't give a hint about problems with this command. In the mission i have placed a game logic, where i want to synchronize both vehicles and ammo box's to said game logic, but when I used 'synchronizedObjects' command: systemchat format["Sync. objects: %1",synchronizedObjects this]; only the ammo box's gets listed, I know it worked with vehicles 8 month ago, so did this command get changed?
  15. I understand why you have done it (would have done the same to reach the largest audience). However the mission I'm doing only needs 1-2 out of the 30-40 players to use it. can you tell me, in what script you are defining the key-mapping? Then I will modify it. Keep up the good work, this mod really opens up possibilities for mission makers. :coop: :dancehead: