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    Warfare BE

    Thanks mate, well i was working on a conversion of the Arma 3 BECTI just to add some units to it, wanted permission for it. Already done with that, have send the files to Sari for his conversion so he can use the units. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthrea...=1#post2706637 Bg Revichev
  2. Revichev

    Arma 3 Benny CTI : How Arma is meant to be played

    you can download the file, unpbo it with for example; pbo view, and open the mission in the editor, then search for the spawn island and remove or add units from the map. However adding units, this is not done in the editor but in the scripts itself. This can be found under, common/config/ and then the maps; units/base/squads/factories and towns. You need to know all classnames of the units you want to add and replace the existing vanilla units in the scripts. To make this work for Multiplayer with no working AI, you just need to replace the names in the map Units_east or west and edit the names on factories, this way you can build and buy them. If you want to make this work for the AI to, then you need to work on the files, squads/units/factories/towns and base. I have done this by myself, adding all the units from RHS escalation, http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?185095-Benny-BECTI-RHS-escalation-and-Takistan-Chernarus Hope this was usefull Bg Revichev
  3. That is true, there are alot of units that can be used, but as i said i want to keep this as simple as possible because when i add the agressor pack this means, you need 3 mods to run this. What i was thinking about is adding the AAF and for example give them other weapons and remove their vehicles or do something with their gear, this way they are still desent infantry without the futuristisc space shuttles. I will let them be for now, i don't know if people are familiar with Sari's warfare? It is a much improved version of the original BECTI and i am currently adding all units to his version, which ofcourse include Chernarus Takistan etc, and much new features that he has added. this is a link to his version http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?166433-SP-MP-BeCTI&p=2706637&viewfull=1#post2706637
  4. Revichev

    Arma 3 Benny CTI : How Arma is meant to be played

    Well i can tell you, i have changed already all the buildings, added the Russian radar for the Command center ( which looks realy nice ) changed all units and squads to RHS escalation, so you can play with US forces and Russian armed forces, the only thing not complete about this conversion is the commanders. Somewhere in the script which i cannot find, there is a code that convert the units on the editor to Vanilla units. This only counts for the commanders, all the other units are working. If i imported all the units and everything is running well, then ii will upload the file so people can download it. But before that i first need to speak to someone who made this script and knows what the problem is. --------------- your version looks realy good, my focus is purely on the units, and the gameplay, more fast pased. For example i removed the APC from independant, because that way you will take over towns quicker which improves the time it takes before EAST and WEST actualy meet and because the independant faction has futuristic APC´s and the real life bmp2´s or Abrams are no match for them. I made the map on Chernarus, specificly pointed at Chernogorsk, and strategic points around it. What i noticed is that this game mode works 10 times better when Bcombat enabled. In my opinion it is a must have if you play this SP because the AI will react better and faster at most of the situations. I think it will take me 2 days before everything is ready, ( if someone tells me how to change the commanders ). I tested it much and it is realy nice with all the new units and also textures of the buildings. The only thing is that i do not know what i need to do with the independant faction, because RHS only contains Blufor and Opfor ( Russia and United States ) and if i change also the independant this means that the user must download another mod that is required. Now it only needs the RHS escalation mod and A3MP. Any feedback will not go unnoticed. Will keep you guys up to date
  5. Revichev

    Arma 3 Benny CTI : How Arma is meant to be played

    The only thing i do not know, is how to change the commanders, they keep spawning into vanilla units do you know why? The rest is already finished, thanks for the help
  6. Guys i am currently working on a conversion of Benny BECTI The current version is from Sari warfare, http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?166433-SP-MP-BeCTI&p=2706637&viewfull=1#post2706637 first of all, the people who loved Arma 2 warfare will love this, it is realy very simple; I will replace all vanilla units with the RHS escalation units and add Chernarus and Takistan. It is the thing i missed the most out of Arma 3, the feeling of reality. now you do not longer have to feel sad, like me :( Any suggestions about independant? All feedback is welcome I want to keep this as simple as possible, the only mods required at the moment to play this are ofcourse RHS escalation and AIA. And ofcourse all honour goes to the people who made this possible, the Red hammer studios team for their awesome, just unbelievable units. Benny for the best single/mulitplayer mode, and Sari for improving it. I am almost done with this, i added the Russian faction and the United States Army. Replaced the command center with a new model. From now on i will use AIA for the maps, chernarus and Takistan. I will use some Arma 2 textures for the Base models, to give a new feeling to this. Now it only contains Stratis but i want to publish this first early version just for testing, if people want to try it out and maybe tell me some things i can improve or add. I have still 1 problem to work on, and maybe if someone knows the problem he can tell me: The commanders.. they keep spawning back as vanilla units and i just cannot figure out why. So if you know the awnser, let me know and this world will be a much better place to live in. Installation: Just extract the RAR file and place the PBO in MP mission and your'e ready to go. Let me know what i can improve so far, as i said the Base make over is in my list, maybe some new units? Just tell me Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/hbf83b BG Revichev
  7. ------------ Dear moderators, this thread needs to go to Arma 3 User mission, however i do not know how to delete this one.
  8. Revichev

    Warfare BE

    Does Benny still work on this, if not who is, or who do i need to contact to ask specific questions? BG, Revichev
  9. Revichev

    Arma 3 Benny CTI : How Arma is meant to be played

    Well i have it working for Chernarus now, just 2 problems; i searched and searched but cannot find anything in the folder. For example, on the editor the units that are synchronised with the Game logic, CTI west/east only represent the amount of commanders. It does not however influence the units that are spawned when the mission begins. The new RHS mod has came out and i want to replace the vanilla units with the RHS units but i just can't find where i need to change this in the folders. Any help is much appreciated. -------------------------- Nvm, it can be found under Common/config/units. There you can change all the units that can be build and will be spawned. Thanks anyway for the help :) Looking forward to make this a sort of east west confrontation again, like it used to be in Arma 2
  10. Revichev

    Arma 2 VS Arma 3! You chose!

    The strange thing is, arma 3 has better fps for me then arma 2, yea i know it's weird. But that aside, the arma 3 engine is much better and now with the AiA mod i can play arma 2 content in a new and better engine so what do you want more then that. And btw, rhs escalation mod is coming out withing 10 days so can't wait. Then Arma 3 will be complete for me.
  11. Revichev

    Ukraine General

    Anybody heard about the battelions of gibi and motorola? Search them.
  12. In arma 2 you had RUG DSAI and Dynamic shouts, does Arma 3 has any mods that covers the verbal sounds, shouts, singing, talking?
  13. Hello fellow Arma companions. I always played the Arma 2 warfare mission and found out there is none in Arma 3, however there are some mods you can download like Bennys edition etc, But this only works for Stratis and Altis. So i am wondering if there is a way to implement this on lets say Chernarus or Takistan. I already have made a town capture mission with high command and tested a script so you can recruit units, but i always wanted to make it like a warfare based mission but the player can edit it to play with it's own modded units or chose his own map by preference. So 2 questions, is there a way to maybe port the bennys edition so it can work on Chernarus or Takistan map. Or can someone help me to make my mission like a warfare mission which includes, a currency ( money system ) , production of AI and building. BG Revichev
  14. Revichev

    User Mission Request Thread

    Hello companions of the Arma series, Just wondering, i always played warfare on Arma 2, wanted to try that on Arma 3 to, but with no succes because there is no such thing. Been searching and eventualy found Benny's edition of warfare, but the problem is, this only works for Altis and Stratis, i am wondering, is there a way to make it work on Chernarus or Takistan to, is there a way to use modded units with it and is there a way to adapt the amount of squads etc. Like is there a way to edit the mission to use it in other maps or something. Hoping for a awnser BG Revichev
  15. Revichev

    Warfare in Arma 3?

    Ty i will look into that :)