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  1. d4ni3l3

    [SP\MP] Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth

    Suggestion: it would be nice if you could choose sides to play with or versus!!
  2. d4ni3l3

    [SP\MP] Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth

    Can we have the *.pbo file to use it with other terrains? Is it possible to save game playing it in SP mode?
  3. d4ni3l3

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I like the game so much but you agree with me that it is useless if I can't play with it. I know that dynamic AI is heavy to compute but I think that using multithreading in a better way should be the way. I don't want to minimize the game or the work behind this, I would to play it in a better way but now it is impossible. :)
  4. d4ni3l3

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I've done some testing with AI. What I found is that if you use more than 20-30 AI fighting on your view range you get 20 to 10 fps, if you use less than 20 you get between 30-40 fps, I get >80 fps with an empty island, it's an old unoptimized engine, I'm very disappointed. It's not my hardware or yours, it is the crappy engine used by Bis.
  5. Ok, now every time I try to update the launcher I get an error, it is impossible to update.
  6. d4ni3l3

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I'm actually using many mods but the result with no mods is the same. I have not too much time so I'm playing using the AFCS mod. It's a team VS team AI fight, it's very intense and funny. The fight is intense but not so much to giustify this fps drops. I'm playing with less then 100 AI all in my view distance because the fights are very close toghether.
  7. d4ni3l3

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    I do not mean 3 teams!! I mean if you can do the opportunity to choose to combat vs red team or (exclusive or) vs green team. It would be awesome. :) By the way while I playing with default settings (of the mod) and the battle between AIs begins I've massive fps drop (from 80 to 20 or less), is it normal?
  8. d4ni3l3

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I just tried out. My fps drop to 20 - 10 when the battle begins. I tried to change every options but no change in fps, 20 - 11 fps whatever I do. It is an AI issue, without AI I get 80 fps, with AI combat 20 - 10 fps. It's AI fault, terrible optimization, I get a difference of 60 fps. :( EDIT, i found this old topic regarding exactly this issue.
  9. d4ni3l3

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I'll try it but I notice big fps drops when AIs start to combat, I'm trying the AFCS mod which is basically a team dm. It's me and allied AI units vs enemy AI units, when the fight starts my fps drop from 80 to 20. It's an AI problem for sure. My CPU is overclocket at 4.4 Ghz, I think it's enough. It's not my CPU, it's a very good CPU, it's the AI management of the game that is too heavy and poorly optimized imo. By the way thanks for your support guys. I appreciate!! :D
  10. d4ni3l3

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Thanks man, the differences between your settings and mine are: GENERAL: Terrain -> Ultra PIP -> High Overall -> 2257 Object -> 1009 Shadow -> 100 DISPLAY: V-Sync -> Off (I'm playng with borderless window mode) AA&PP: Every postprocess entry to 100 ATOC: deactivated PPAA: FXAA High ANISO. FILTERING: Ultra Every other setting is the same as you.
  11. Now it's ok! I've just uninstalled and reinstalled the mod and now seems to work fine! Thanks guys! :)
  12. d4ni3l3

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I'm playng on highest settings for many of the options but I keep a drow distance of 2000 and object distance of 1000. I've tried to low the settings with no benefits in terms of fps. If i play in the editor alone I get more than 60 fps but if I play vs some AIs I have massive fps drop. I'll let you know the exacts settings later, now I can't. :)
  13. I'm using PlayWithSix, I'll try to uninstall the mod and reinstall it. I'm saying it's CBA because using only bComabt everithing goes well, using bCombat and CBA together seems to break bCombat, I'll let you know the result. Thanks for your answer. :)
  14. Awesome mod but I have a serious issue. AI units do not hit me even if I'm at 1 meter from them. The bullets seem to fly around in random mode, I've tried in the editor, me vs 4 enemy units: they don't hit me even if I don't move. Did you know if this mod conflict with others mod? I'm using many mods but this is the only one regarding the AI. EDIT I found that the issue is caused by CBA, this make unusable every mod that needs it. Do you know why?