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  1. UNA - Gringo

    United Nations Army

    UNA is an European based ArmA 3 clan since 2004 with members from over 16 different nationalities. We play multiple game modes, COOP, CTF, C&H and even join larger events where multiple clans are involved like the [ATC] Arma Tactical Combat tournament http://www.arma-tactical-combat.com/. Part of our core structure is to play in a professional cooperative style, and to use a realistic military approach in our games. UNA consists of 3 infantry fire teams, 1 armored team and 1 air squadron. We mostly stick with the original release of ArmA3. We do not use addons except for some islands and other essential modifications due to perfomance issues. We have a clan meeting every Friday 21:00 UK time and after the meeting an educational training mission is held. The meeting or training is not mandatory but is required in order to advance in ranks. WHO ARE WE - All UNA members are at least 18 years old and most of us are between 25 and 45, many of us have got wives and children and in the military. - UNA members are dedicated teamplayers, and whether it is a coop or PvP game, teamplay is our way to success - UNA members enjoy military simulation style which is self-evident in larger organized maps and training. During the week games might be more casual. Having fun and a good experience is most important for us. - Some UNA members play actively several times a week, while some of us only play a few times a month. We do not require mandatory attendance, except for large scale events, But the more active you are the more you contribute to the clan and to advance in ranks. -UNA has its own dedicated sever hardware, thus allowing us to have as many severs as we like with 100% performance compatiblity. UNA is always open to dedicated individuals who are interested to have the realistic gaming experience. If you are at least 18 years old and would like to be part of a strong team that trains, plays and have fun together, then you would be more than welcomed in our family. Make sure to check our website and Teamspeak 3 Webiste: www.united-nations-army.eu TS3: united-nations-army.eu
  2. The end game revive scrip is really best revive script and i would love to use it in my missions, but the only issue is when i make a mission with mods and start the game, load my custom loadout from Arsenal and in the middle of the fight if i get injured and get revived by my teamates, i lose all my gear and it loads the basic loadout i spawned with at the start of the game. Does anybody know how make it that if u get injured and revived, you keep your gear not loading the basic gear i spawn with from the start of the mission ? i would really appreciate any help with that. thanks
  3. UNA - Gringo

    [End game] is the new revive function portable?

    When i use this script with mods and you get your own customized gear from arsenal and when i get injured in middle of the game and revived after, all my gear is gone and loads the regular gear i spawned with at the start. anyone knows how to fix this ?
  4. UNA - Gringo

    Arma 3 Units - Closed Beta Feedback

    I have sent the email regarding the Closed Beta invitation, but it has been two days i haven't got any response yet. would appreciate if i get any response either here or through the email if our unit is in or not.
  5. Hey fabrizio_T I really love your mod and i asked the playwithsix team like a week ago to add the mod to playwithsix and it was added today. hope you dont mind asking on your behalf, but i really wanted to use the mod with Six launcher. and also supported the mod in MakeArmaNotWar contest ;). For some reason not having permission to post links, i couldnt post the link for the mod on playwithsix, but its available on Playwithsix if you search @bComat . I would love to see the mod for Multiplayer and coop missions use as well. Any status when its going to be available for use in Multiplayer mode or in coop missions ? Please the whole Arma coop community will appreciate if it gets available for MP mode. Thanks again for your wonderful contribution to Arma community ;)