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  1. hi, someone could give me some links for ww2 addons. I found the great Invasion 44 addons, but I don't know if they are the latest released. thx in advance. sorry if this is the wrong part of the forums, i left these forums a long time ago, and i'm lost :p
  2. hi, since I have upgraded ofp to 1.99, the addon nim_weather.pbo (add snow, sand storm etc) has stopped to work. someone has this trouble and a way to fix it? thx in advance
  3. sennah

    OFP Addon request thread

    it is the Schweres Wurfgerät 41 or be45 Schweres Wurfgerät 41 :)
  4. sennah

    OFP Addon request thread

    @zulu1, are you sure, I'm almost sure of having had a playable version of this addon :huh:
  5. sennah

    OFP Addon request thread

    hi, someone would have a link for this addon: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/news/pics3/wurf1.jpg the ofpr.info links don't work
  6. sennah

    fdf mod (ww2 mod) + ecp

    ok, thx. well, it is too complicated for me :P
  7. hi, is it possible to use both at the same time? I made several attemps but only the ECP anims (ww4 anims) are used. I would like to replace the fdf effects with the ones from ECP (tank explosions etc), + I would like to use ecp DSAI with the fdf mod.
  8. sennah

    How to make an addon

    checked, thx the problem was there
  9. sennah

    How to make an addon

    well, i checked some old addons, and I had forgotten that the be45 marder has a problem, all the ennemy shots don't touch it; they fly above this tank. someone has a fix for this tank? or a solution? :P
  10. sennah

    How to make an addon

    it works now, I made a mistake in the options :P I lost the habit of using these tools
  11. sennah

    How to make an addon

    I use win7. this is not very important, just boring. I don't do addons, for now I check only T'roc's ww2 tanks pack (proxies, etc) + some other ww2 addons. anyway, thx for your help. :) btw, it is impressive to see players still create addons for ofp ;)
  12. sennah

    How to make an addon

    yes. it is a little bit strange.
  13. sennah

    How to make an addon

    hi ;) . yes, it seems that OFP will stay in my life for ever lol.