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    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    I think INVASION44 v3 is dead before it even started... :) WHO needs a patch for I44 arma2 ? what a waste of time.... Anyway, is there a possibility to play invasion44 in arma3?

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    who play invasion1944 v2 today?? BAD IDEA, to develope for a A2-mod, which is dead. look at your official forum.... :j: ..all is down
  3. Hello guys :) I have a big problem with placing buildings in ingame 3d-editor. (the editor ALT+E in menu) When I want to place buildings from category "RUINS", the object is always rotating - it is not possible to place the ruin-building normal on the ground... - some object can be placed - some not. And the ones which are always rotating, can´t be moved further :/ I can mark it, but nothing else... Someone knows this problem? And a solution? please help.. thanks. greez

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    nice to see!! :) So is this a full port of the invasion44 v2 to arma3, or a generaly acomplete new mod?
  5. Hello to all here on forum :) Who can provide/ or has already done a work on a map like Stalingrad? The clue is, as I want to make a mod, for Iron Front Liberation Revival-Mod. The campaign is set in WW2 - 1942. So maybe someone has made a map like this only for personal use and can share it? - Or help/ give feedback how to start it up? All help could be usefull. a 5x5´map could be nice fit, as we only have city-fights on it... here for example a not so detailed map for Stalingrad... http://www.stalingrad-feldpost.de/Karten/Stadtplan/Stadtplan2/STG1-ob-bearb.jpg (184 kB) We could present only the town-part on it... - cities in the north / north-east would be not so necessary.:confused: thanks so far. greez

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    looks very interesting, hope mod comes out soon :))