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    I play Arma 2 with these guys: http://www.eventhorizongaming.co.uk/
    Check us out of you want a laugh.
  1. Event Horizon - The point of no return www.eventhorizongaming.co.uk I'd like to start by saying as a public group, we are fairly new. The most of us have played tactical Arma 2 together for quite some time, be that on our own or as part of other Arma 2 clans. However, we've never really found an experience that suits our play style, so we've pushed our group public, and hopefully with the help of some of you, we can make this work. What are we? Unlike the majority of Arma 2 groups, we are not a milsim unit. We do not pressure extensive training or require role play elements in our group. Personally, we believe these take away from the Arma 2 experience. This does not mean we just get on Arma and mess around. We play serious cooperative missions, really striving for our objectives, but we do not penalise a good joke on the field. It's hard to describe what we're going for here. As I've mentioned, we've been in our fair share of Arma 2 groups, and you generally come across 2 types; those who have no sense of structure and is basically an online preschool; and those groups that are so serious, it often feels more like a job than an entertainment option. Don't get me wrong, these groups serve their purpose, and if that's your thing I recommend you leave this page, but if you enjoy tactical game play without the restrictions of a milsim group, I encourage you to check us out. With the fear of dragging on, I think the best thing to say is we don't look for players who are just willing to follow rules, but players who are decent people in themselves, an agent centred approach. Requirements We don't have extensive requirements We have no age requirement per say, but a level of maturity, often but not exclusively linked is required. We enjoy having a laugh, but when the bullets start flying, you're down their ready to cooperate. A working microphone and Team Speak 3 are also necessary Well, as you may have guessed, a working copy of Arma 2 OA is necessary, but you won't require any of the dlc. You will also require a few mods, as listed here: www.eventhorizongaming.co.uk/topic/server-info (we also use operation specific maps, but you'll know about these before hand) Contact Teamspeak 3 IP: eu-uk-voice2.fragnet.net:10006 Website: www.eventhorizongaming.co.uk
  2. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\Common\sounds.pbo" I believe that's the right file
  3. Looks amazing! Gonna try this out on a dedi server.
  4. This entire project looks really cool! Gonna have to keep eyes on this :D