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  1. This game is first of all so frustrating because it crashes all the time, I regret having spend my money on it. But if you somehow can manage to get this game bug free, it might become a great experience on a Windows tablet. ThinkPad W530 Nvidia Quadro K2000M (Nvidia Optimus) 16GB RAM i7-3820QM Samsung 840 Evo 500GB Version 1.3170 - The game crashes when I start it. - Windowed mode doesn't work - Horrible on an AZERTY keyboard, and I have no clue what to assign my keys to in the first configuration window. - Black screen upon launch (in full screen mode this can be fixed by alt tabbing out and alt tabbing back in)
  2. I have gotten it to work, I have set permissions in secpol.msc to my current user which I use to log in plus the Administrators group. Might be a good idea to detail this for non-geeky persons, took me some time to figure out. Which servers here are running Fred's memory allocator? Might be a good idea to list them here so we players can help filling those servers to help out Fred's debugging.
  3. When I start ArmA 3 as administrator, I get error message that your memory allocator doesn't work because it's corrupted. I tried the stable version. Any idea what possibly could have gone wrong? I disabled UAC also.
  4. I am getting LOW ON MEMORY error while playing. I am using 50% of total RAM (8GB) and my page file is set to 16GB also barely used. In total RAM and page file together I use 8GB of 24GB I tried this memory allocator as well as others. SIGH. ArmA 2 works fine however.
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    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Hmm anyone got results for ultrabooks?