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  1. 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines MilSim Quick Summary 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines is a Milsim unit looking for the most mature, and the most reliable of players. Requirements -MUST have a working and clear microphone -Must be 15+(There will be some who will be allowed in, but you will be monitored within your first week) -MUST be mature and show respect not just to Officers, but also visitors and other members of the unit. -MUST be willing to download all mods and to adapt to changes in mod lists. Open Positions Corpsman RTO Rifleman Asst. Automatic Rifleman Anti-Tank Specialist Asst. Anti-tank Specialist Pilot
  2. Ozborne

    People auto disconnecting

    That was my first thought, 90% of the community are running a older patch before gamespy closed down, but it was happening before then.. My assumptions are basically not the correct build or they did not have the required mods!
  3. Hello, I've recently ran into a issue with the community I am working for. We at one point had over 100+ people joining then to be auto disconnected immediantly after joining. It's popped in my mind that maybe they left on purpose. We've made sure we are not over loading the dedicated server, we've reinstalled the server hopping that'd be the fix but it is simply not. Kind regards, Cutting edge roleplay.
  4. I could easily help out, as long as you're not mooching off TCG bandwith via their addon sync!
  5. Eh, well it's a public discussion, wasn't intended to calm flame. ._. It is a open opinion thing, but mk..
  6. The title basically says it all, I only have two or three to put out there but... ;) 23rd MEU.. (They can't run a group properly their only members are Commanding Officers) 29th MEU (Steals others work and takes it as their own)
  7. Hello, I recently bought a server from a friends hosting company. When I goto install mods such as ACE, and other mods when I goto setup the server it doesn't start and it seems to stay down.. :( If I could get any help that'd be greatly appreciated! contact me @ sick.bits(Skype) or 32ndmeu.voiceservers.net (TS3)
  8. Soldiers! We've been requested in helping the invasion of zargabad this weekend at 1300 hrs, we're looking for skilled soldiers to help us with the invasion! We must warn you we require a few things for you to be accepted into the group! REQUIREMENTS _____________________ ACE + ACRE JayArmaLib CBA(s) Contact info ____________________ teamspeak: 32ndmeu.voiceservers.net steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Vontia/ skype: sick.bits Weekly times we play _____________________ GMT, Greenwich Mean Time 6:00p Saturday and sunday EST/EDT, Eastern Standard Time (US) 1:00p Saturday and sunday
  9. Alrighty, thank you babe.. ;) hmu?(kidding)
  10. What should I do, is it really nothing? Or can he find my guid from something?
  11. Hello, I welcome you at the chance to join a new group being released called the 29th MEU.. I am sure no-one is going to read the introduction to the group, so I'm going to just get to it! We're currently looking for the following.. Designated Marksmen Corpsmen Pilots NCOs You can contact the recruitment team @ host.hnscclan.com:9993 (Use the port to avoid joining another gaming community)
  12. Ozborne

    [SP\CO-04] Warpath

    Seems cool, I'll be testing it real soon hopefully. :)
  13. Ozborne

    69 pla mod

    Amazing screen shots, the mod itself looks amazing..