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  1. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=14924 Any word from Bohemia regarding a fix in the future?
  2. BECTI will give you what you want. Check out the OFPS server. http://ofps.net You don't need any mods to play. It's fairly vanilla. Has something for everyone. This video gives some more information: The mission is also always getting more refinements as time goes on. The admins are highly receptive to feedback.
  3. remifenta

    What is BECTI?

    Seriously the best game mode for ARMA.
  4. remifenta

    Warfare CTI - [PERF] - Seattle, WA - www.ofps.net

    This is honestly my favorite game mode and Spanish's server is the only one I play on. Great community and leadership. Here's an overview:
  5. remifenta

    What would you like to see worked on next in ArmA 3?

    AI driving skills sorely need improvement.
  6. remifenta

    Laser Designation and Laser Guided Bombs from Jets

    Spanish, I think laser designation in general is a broken feature. Try laser-guided artillery, and lase the target with a plane UAV. The laser-guided artillery simply will not hit even remotely close, even if normal HE rounds will hit relatively closeby. If HE rounds impact closer to a designated map in the artillery computer than laser-guided artillery sent to the same position from the same artillery, then the laser guidance is at fault. And this is exactly the case. Above testing was done on the NATO Showcase.
  7. remifenta

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    This is one of the most fun missions in the campaign... Especially once you get the MBT.
  8. remifenta

    Why to people play so much Life and Wasteland?

    As others have said, BECTI is the best mode available, if only more people knew about it. Reminds me of the "onslaught" mode of Unreal Tournament.