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  1. tinemem

    Stencil shadows vs Shadow Maps

    there are still methods available i haven't tried yet. this one detailed by armored sheep involves alpha mapped textures that can generate much more detailed shadows for small objects. it uses the named property "sbsource=explicit" with a special shadow lod that uses alpha textures. i found no documentation except for this quote by armored sheep: although promising at first, one realizes that the low details of the shadow lod means no matter how high resolution the textures are, it'll be corrupted by the low detail of the shadow lod, unless you are able to use a shadow lod with the same detail as a visual lod and enable "lodnoshadows=0". but i suspect there's a hardcode limit to the poly count of shadow lods.
  2. it's in the stencil shadows vs shadow mapping thread. and i agree, i did go full elitist there, but it's intended as a "see, i can do it too" example. anyway, "BUT WE GETZ MORE UNITZ AND GUNZ" is not a good counter argument to why modding is not a panacea to the problems in this game.
  3. tinemem

    [wip] more civilian ports

    i'm trying to find a way to use the arma 2 female civilian animations. right now i changed armaman to armawoman, which was the classname they used for arma2, but it seems that no longer exists in arma 3, so in the game, it looks like this: i possibly need to manually add the bones inside the model.cfg file.
  4. tinemem

    [wip] more civilian ports

    if someone can figure out how to config female civilian bones, then i can important valerie and others.
  5. @ gnat, once you figured out how to increase multicore usage, enable proper culling of objects, and core improvements other than just a bunch of new vehicles, then you are justified in your self importance. until then, stay humble. i've already done more for the game in terms of new visual techniques and performance in the short time i've been here than your entire multi year modding career by creating shadow mapping demonstration pieces in mlod format. modders should stay humble, because in truth, there is a lot they cannot do. i've been a modder for many games, including here, so don't lecture me about how amazing modding in arma 3 is. it's still very restrictive due to engine limitations. and i shouldn't have to get warnings for saying this because of "buddy moderators". and i'm not going to report your post for telling me that i'm going to be banned because having class>being arrogant and self important. thanks. ---------- Post added at 21:28 ---------- Previous post was at 21:21 ---------- also, notice in the report box, it says it shouldn't used to harass posters, so i'm guessing the moderator will know what to do, right?
  6. poor or no culling method. even underground, objects affect framerates in arma 3.
  7. tinemem

    Zero/50% dual GPU usage!

    hate to break this to you, but this is normal for arma 3. it's using an outdated engine made when people didn't realize cpus could go up to 16 cores, and that gpus could be so powerful, so basically everything is being calculated on cpu, and it doesn't have proper multicore support, so if you have more than 2 cores and a good gpu, you're basically never going to harness that increased power. the only thing that will help in terms of modern hardware, is more ram and an ssd. those are universal traits that will benefit any application either modern or based on a decade old engine that received zero to little programing updates.
  8. tinemem

    Allow player to look over shoulder

    this is already in game. enable deadzone aiming(the only way real men play this game), twist your torso a little to the side, then freelook. voila, you're now looking almost directly behind you.
  9. tinemem

    Binoculars problem

    anyone know if there's a difference between raised and readied binocs? i looked at myself with command view and camera, but it seems there's no animated transition between just holding the binocs and looking through them.
  10. tinemem

    [wip] more civilian ports

    talibans would be highly desirable. i actually saw someone porting the takistani militiamen from oa recently. hopefully he can bring the complete faction over. i'm eyeing the priest and doctor, but they're just so damn outdated and would look out of place. some of the woodman and worker models are good though. one of the worker models is super detailed like they just put the high poly in game. it's interesting to browse through the public mlods. lots of good material to pick and choose. i especially like those earphone wires and tubes because i've been trying hard to weight those correctly, now i have a bunch of prerigged ones.
  11. tinemem

    [wip]updated vest mod

    just "prefershadowvolume=0" to switch from stencil to shadow mapping. it still uses shadow lods to draw the shadow. "sbsource=visual" works for some models, if you delete lodnoshadow=1 in each visual lod entry. and you don't need shadow lods with this method. but i found out if some models are too complex, it breaks, basically. this method can be used for vests, helmets, accessories, small stuff.
  12. goal is to add extra civilian types to arma 3 standards. public project with mlods. contributors are recommended to download the a3 character sample and use that as a template to fit ported characters because the weighing and body positions/size are a little different. you cannot simply copy and paste. arma 2 characters mlods are more slouched in oxygen compared to arma 3.
  13. nice. also *facepalm* what century are bis devs in? voted up.
  14. tinemem

    [wip]updated vest mod

    i think they use different uv layouts though. i generated a tan texture form the normal map, then texturized it for the fabric look, and contrasted it. some parts still need retexturing,but generally, i think it looks good. here's a screenshot:
  15. tinemem

    [wip]updated vest mod

    i changed the iotv to tan and retextured some parts, it looks fairly similar, but a high quality version would require more work with the shape. also, there are still weighing issues with iotv that need to be sorted.