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  1. TrueCruel

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    Sadly that fast roping is not in this DLC, normally it "should" be in there if a whole DLC is dedicated to Helicopters...
  2. TrueCruel

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    Not at all, I'm happy that the main features comes for free to all. So nobody is restricted to play on any server. But I still wished a few more choppers were in this one.
  3. TrueCruel

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    Maybe I described it a bit bad, we are only paying for the pilot seats and the ability to plant them in the editor. The helo will be there for everyone.
  4. Hello! First of all: This is not a hate thread or anything like that, I bought the DLC Bundle already and can't wait to test these 2 monsters. But I must admit that the price is really high for only 2 new Helos, can we expect more than this in the future as addition? If not, then I would most likely start to regret buying the Bundle... Regards TC Edit: If already a Thread of this exists, pardon for that. You then can close this and point me please to the right discussion :)
  5. TrueCruel

    remove multiple actions

    Nope, still have to use removeAction for that.
  6. TrueCruel

    remove multiple actions

    Ah then maybe this: beacsOn = _this addAction ["_yourActionText", {0 = execVM "_yourScript.sqf"; 0 = [_this, beacsOn] execVM "beaconson.sqf"}]; sirenOn = _this addAction ["_yourActionText", {0 = execVM "_yourScript.sqf"; 0 = [_this, sirenOn ] execVM "SirenOn2.sqf"}]; beaconson.sqf disable the SirenAction and SirenOn2.sqf disables the BeaconAction right? If not then just flip those two.
  7. Really? Well good to hear :D The last time I tried that it didn't work, the hell would rather freeze then doing what I wanted.
  8. TrueCruel

    remove multiple actions

    If you want to remove all actions then use this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/removeAllActions If you want to delete specific ones: give the addAction a variable ActionVar1 = _unit addAction xyz then when you execute the script use 0 = [_unit, ActionVar1, ActionVar2, ..] execVM "yourscript.sqf" This should do the trick
  9. Thank you Ghost! Works like a charm :)
  10. They won't at all, you can try it in the Editor. Just set up a trigger and group it with yourself (civillian), it won't fire. It's because they share the same side with animals. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=5765
  11. Make instead a civillian group and make them independet with this code: groupname = createGroup RESISTANCE; [unit1, unit2,...] join groupname; But FYI: Civillians can't activate triggers.
  12. Hi there! After I finally managed to make a helo evac working on a server, now I'm stuck with deactivating the radio after the evac is called. 1 setRadioMsg "Null" //or 1 setRadioMsg "Call in EVAC" doesn't work, only in SP or if I create a game ingame. But if I use TADST to make a dedi then this doesn't work (Radio "Alpha" always enabled). I hope you can help me deactivating/renaming the radio on server... Thx in advance! Edit: Without deleting the Radio trigger :)
  13. I did it! The solution is totally controversial, but hey it works :D After the helo touches the ground, I give him a doStop command. After that I delete the pilots and create new ones with a waypoint to the base.
  14. Nothing works... I'm close to despair... @cameroon Thanks for that, but that art of scripting is still too high for me (but that's just awesome, much kudos for you) ^^ but there must be some easier way to do it in my case. The ony problem is that he takes off immediately after he touches the ground. Everything else works like it should, I reall would know how server scripting differs so much from SP. He just needs to land and wait for me, but no he takes off and flies to the corner of the map. That's hilarious (no it's not) :D
  15. Nope doesn't work... even if it did it would be just a workaround, I would like to know why the helo takes off immediately after the he touches the ground and then makes a waypoint to the corner of the map. Still thanks :)