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    Mission involving truck transport

    Right. I've been making some missions for a Korean War/Chinese Civil War mod (still scrabbling around trying to find authors to get permissions, so I can't release it yet), and I have one I'm a bit stuck on. During one of my missions, I need two of the players to defend a position while another ferries troops between two points during an evacuation. The former I can do fine- the latter? Difficult. So, when this player and his truck reaches a place (obviously, this needs to be a trigger) a group of your wounded soldiers get in your truck. Then, when you drive to the port, they get out and in to the waiting boat. Easy, right? It seems not. Could someone talk me through precisely what to put in the triggers? Cheers, Bob Malarkey
  2. You, sir, are a marvel! Have a large, cool alcoholic beverage on my behalf. http://i.imgur.com/X65SkMC.png (882 kB)
  3. Lovely! Cheers. ---------- Post added at 22:11 ---------- Previous post was at 21:21 ---------- Hey, also, I appear to have messed up something in the .p3d. When viewed at a distance, grey triangles can be seen from the units. They look a bit like sails. I'm a bit of a novice with all this; how can I remove them? I think I know they are to do with where the game puts rifles, launchers etc. when they are on the back of the unit...?
  4. Hi! I've been compiling a collection of Korean War addons (inspired by an episode of M.A.S.H., actually). I've got some excellent Bell 47s, Centurion tanks, Chaffees, and a host of other units. I'm planning on it not being a mod with a lot of useless content, but having a few useful units for mission makers to do their stuff with. Anyway, I was using Gavin's excellent AIA WW2 infantry pack, which I've been reconfiguring. However, much to my chagrin, I noticed that there were no regular British troops in the pack other than the 8th Army, which would look a little out of place next to the snow-covered US troops and coated Soviets and North Koreans! I felt that the 14,198 British troops, and tens of thousands of troops from other Commonwealth nations, which took part in the conflict needed representation- not to mention crews for the British vehicles I had in place, and to create some variety for mission makers. To remedy this I did a little editing of the .p3ds and now have a lovely set of British troops in coats, made entirely from Gavin's work (Edited French greatcoats under the 8th Army webbing set, with edited helmets and a few other things). Now, does anyone know if I could contact Gavin to seek his permission to release these units? Yours, Bob Malarkey.
  5. Hello! Myself and a few friends have been playing Invasion 1944 for a good long while, and I've been tinkering with a few .pbos lately to get some British armour into the mod. Well, my ramshackle efforts seem to have paid off because I can get a Cromwell and some Fireflys into the mod no problem, with I44 crews, and we've been having good fun doing some armour battles. If you would like the .pbos please PM me, I'm sure the original creators wouldn't mind, it's just a few harmless lines of coding changed. Now, I was working on a campaign for a bit of fun, and I decided to try and do the major scenes from the movie, A Bridge Too Far, which the mod was based on. One of the early scenes includes the Irish Guards, and their tanks. Well, I was wondering- does anyone know of/have a high-quality British tank crewman, circa 1944, to crew the tanks as opposed to the paratroopers I have crewing them now, to add that extra edge of realism? It would just need to be one unit that I cound reconfigure into Invasion 1944- I know WWIIEC had a British pack but my attempts have failed. I also tried reconfiguring some infantry from their Caen demo but no luck. If somebody could help me reconfigure one of the Caen infantrymen or help provide me with a tanker that I could use in Inv44, I would be most grateful! Yours, Bob Malarkey.
  6. BobMalarkey

    Allied Armour I44

    Hi! A few friends of mine and I needed some British and American armour for Invasion 44 and I reconfigured a few .pbos from the WW2 Collection Mod to add these tanks with I44 crews and raised power to combat heavy German tanks. Now, I was wondering if it would be acceptable for me to release these somewhere as an unofficial 'addon to an addon' in case anybody else would like to use them. I have no idea who made the tanks but I could probably find out and I would release these with full credits going to the creators, making it clear I only changed a few lines of code in the config.cpp of the .pbo. I know, a few years ago when I didn't have the expertise to do this, I would have liked some armour, so I just thought it would be nice to give these to anyone who would like them. Unfortunately I have no high-spec British or American tankers so I have used the paratrooper Gun Crew class but they don't look too bad, if you can overlook the lack of proper tank crewmen. Yours, Bob Malarkey
  7. Thanks! I must say my efforts are quite modest, but I'm glad I have finally made my own unit. I've been reconfiguring mods for yonks, so it's easy to add them in, but thank you very much.
  8. Hi! I'm a keen mission creator for OFP and I've been doing this since it came out. I'm also pretty keen on modding and I've been through as many different mods as you can name. It always bugged me that the 'West' side had US flags on a lot of their uniforms and vehicles. I know, they were US units, but seeing as it was called 'West' it would have been nice to have made them possible to be any Nato force. Recently, though, I thought it would be interesting to see if I could have a go at retexturing some units to change this. For example, if I were to get an Eastern officer with a beret. I would like to replace his camouflage with the West camo, and maybe add a flag to his arm. Now, I've read a little into this, and I downloaded Eliteness so that I could have a look inside the .pbos. From there, though, I am at a little bit of a loss as to what to to do. Where is the East officer located? And, if I could edit his skin or texture (not the model), could I do this with Microsoft Paint? Photoshop? Paint.NET? And then, for example, could I replace one of the BIS West units with this unit? I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but any help is appreciated. Assume I am the world's most ignorant person in this regard, for although I've been a keen mod user and player for a decade, I've never made my own units and I would like some help. Yours, Bob Malarkey.
  9. BobMalarkey

    British Infantry WW2

    Shame though, Armed Assault was a good game. Then again, I'm still really a fan of OFP, and Invasion 1944 for OFP was mostly British. I mean, Arma 2 and Arma 3 are waaaay beyond my laptop's reach and Armed Assault isn't all that good either, so I suppose I'm stuck with OFP. That reminds me to redownload Liberation 41 for OFP, because although there were no British, that was damn good.
  10. A while ago I downloaded Invasion 1944 for the original Arma, as Arma 2 doesn't run at all well on my laptop. Whilst I enjoy it, there is a marked lack of any British units. I agreed I would make some missions for a friend for the mod to play online, and he asked if a force of British soldiers could be playable in one of the missions. Suddenly I found myself at a loss: there's a full set of British guns in the mod and a Firefly, but no actual unit. Now, I've racked the internet looking for some: the only ones I've found are Vilas' paratroopers, and while acceptable and OK to fall-back on, I was wondering if anybody else had any infantry to use. Note I would only need a single unit, just one, to use in the mission. It can be of any quality or, even, historical accuracy... they are generally going to be seen from a distance anyway. I saw a screenshot of some units by canus lupus (ttp://img413.imageshack.us/img413/1746/uk1mi1.jpg) which would, although they're wearing some sort of smock and not actual battledress, be ideal.. Yours, Bob Malarkey