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    Mighty GAU-8/A Avenger

    Hey, I think there is a problem with the withsix version of the 1.7 update: the program downloads a folder called @mightygau, within it there is a @mightygau_v1.7.zip file, which then in turn contains the @MightyGau folder where the actual mod is. Since withsix does not unzip the file, the mod is not working even though it's added correctly to the playlist. Great mod anyways!!
  2. Hey Massi, I just saw your new African Conflict release, it's reeeally great! Thanks a bunch!
  3. Hey Massi! Thanks for your mods, they're great and they're the standard modset in our group. In particular, the MARSOC and UN (African Conflict) are fantastic. Very nice work! I was wondering if you are planning to re-release some of these vehicles in UN pattern, as an addition to the African Conflict mod. We always discuss that it would be nice to have a Rover / Humvee kind of vehicle for the UN. Something not as hi-tec as the Strider but not as guerrilla-style as the MG-Toyota. Since it's Christmas, I think a self-defence capable helo for the UN could be quite cool as well, one with MGs on the sides like a Blackhawk for example. Anyways, thanks a lot again for your mods and keep up the good work! Edit: I just saw the A. Conflict release, COOL STUFF, man!
  4. doktorflan

    Grimes Simple Revive Script

    Hey Grimes, I was off Arma for a while but we recently got back to it, and have starting using your script in Dedi. It works now, even in the presence of some mods (previous errors reported with TaskForceRadio were my fault: forgot to add respawn markers). Usually we encounter the situation that players die right away, bypassing uncounsciousness (and thus the chance to be revived) and going directly to the respawn screen. This is not always the case, but it happens often enough. Is this on purpose or is the script failing to execute correctly? If it is a feature, how can I deactivate/change it? Basically, I'd like our players to respawn only if absolutely necessary, e.g. if they're killed too far away from other players, but I'd like them to be revived whenever possible. Anyway, thanks a lot!
  5. doktorflan

    Ruin your copy of Arma and your PC.

    Hi! This is quite nice. I was wondering if there is a way of just tweaking the shadowviewdistance and leave everything else intact. As in, can you guys give me a scripting command or something similar? Do I have to go into some hidden config files? Anyways, it's cool to see what ArmA 4 should be capable of :), keep up the good work.
  6. Great thanks a lot! Will try this in a minute!
  7. Hey LeXpLoSiF We're having exactly the same problem as you do. What do you mean by changing the Local IP? Did you change the local IP of the server within your network (so the IP in your router, for example?) Are you running on windows? Was it a dedicated server you hired or one just locally from your own computer? Thanks a lot in advance!
  8. doktorflan

    Grimes Simple Revive Script

    Hey Grimes! Thanks a lot for your script, it works quite nicely and has some awesome functionality, especially being able to revive AI. It is very very easy to configure and very well organized imho, in comparison with other scripts I've tried. I have to questions, one "pressing" one just out of curiosity. 1. I play heavily modded Arma 3 with my friends (see below) but we have a problem when using your script with TFAR, namely that the group leaders cannot be revived. After being killed, the group leaders jump directly to the "choose respawn point" screen even when I deactivate the respawn options of your script. The revive option is then not available for squad/teammates. We're pretty sure is only a TFAR problem, since we tried out starting your demo mission in Vanilla (worked), and then we added mod by mod to the tests, starting by mods that may affect respawn/revive options, such as MCC or Alive. It only failed to work with TFAR. Have you heard of something similar to this? Have you tried it out yourself? I know this is not your mod, but hey, maybe you have some ideas? I'm using your last release as of 5th June. 2. (this is the not really pressing question) Is there a way of configuring a 3rd-person camera for while you're waiting to be revived? Are you planning to implement such a thing, with e. g. a parameter to deactivate it in the .hpp file? Again, thanks! M. ps: our modset is CBA_A3, MCC, Alive, massi's USMC/NATO_Russian_weapons/African_conflict, CAF aggresors, HAFM Helis, TFAR, VTS_weaponresting, and Peral A-10C. pps: I just saw about other players having problems with ACRE, and your reply to that. I will stay tuned for further developments!
  9. Hi guys! I really love MCC, we've had some pretty amazing sessions thanks to it, and it's really really cool that you keep improving it so fast. I especially like the random mission generator and the GAIA implementation. The .sqm export is just great too. Thanks a lot for all of it! Now, I have some questions: Is the Zeus compatibility with MCC, as shown in this , already implemented in the latest MCC release? Finally, when on a MP mission (one of the players as server, NOT dedicated servers) I have run into the following problem: When a player tries to start Zeus (by following these steps: 1. Login to MCC, 2. Close MCC Console and 3. Press Y, the Zeus button) several things can happen: 1. If the player trying to be Zeus is a client, not the host, Arma 3 freezes right after pressing Y and the process has to be killed from the task manager. No error message is delivered. This happens when nobody else is logged in to MCC or Zeus. 2. If the player trying to be Zeus is the host, he can login to MCC and be Zeus generally without a problem, although once or twice we have had the same problem as above. This only happens in multiplayer, but not when I preview the missions in the editor. It happens regardless of who the host is. We use several mods (alive, CBA, weapon resting...), but we have tried in BIS-created coop missions (Headhunters in Stratis) and have encountered the same problem. We have tried with the latest MCC version available at PlayWithSix and also downloaded from this thread, and the same happend. Do any of you have any clue what the problem can be? Thanks a lot!
  10. Hello everyone, I am trying to create a Seize MP mission with the editor; it should result in a mission similar to Seize Edoris, and until now I have managed to place the various control zones for both sides (BLUFOR vs OPFOR), which works perfectly. However I am having trouble making the AI respawn on the zones controlled by OPFOR (I'm assuming the players will be BLUFOR). I have created a curator script, etc etc, and the funny thing is that I have managed to make a Defend Module mission, for which the editor setup is very similar, work nicely. Do you guys have experience with this, or know some good tutorial on how to make this work? Any tip is welcome, thanks a lot! M.
  11. Wow that was fast! I tried it with CBA and it worked. One last question: should my friends download and install MCC as well?
  12. Hi everyone, but especially shay_gman, first of all congratulations and thank you very much to shay_gman and all the people that contributed to the MCC mod, it's quite quite amazing, easy to use and lots of fun. So, I have a very simple question actually (for Arma 3): I am trying to make the barebones of a mission with the mission editor and then complete the mission with MCC (kind of what Jester184 does for the 15th MEU), ie, I'd like to generate the spawn points and playable units with the mission editor, save the mission and then, while playing that mission, have the MCC mission generation console available to me for adding more AI, patrols, convoys and such. I have tried the following and none of it has worked: - subscribing to the MCC mods for Altis and Stratis via the Steam Workshop. In this case, there is no Module (F7) for MCC that I can add within the editor, and the MCC Sandbox missions are the only ones in which the option - Mission Editor -is available in the action menu within the mission. - downloading MCC as a mod (from Armaholic). In this case, the MCC modules are availabe in the editor. However, after I create the mission I do not have the - Mission Editor - option in the action menu. I have tried creating the mission with and without MCC modules, with and without the "this setvariable ["names..." initialization of the modules and finally with and without syncing the MCC modules to my player. Just to clarify: I want to run the missions in Multiplayer with me (or a friend) as a host, with me as MCC only admin, but not on a dedicated server. A second question would be: is it possible to save a mission created with MCC as a mission that was just created by the editor (i.e, create a .pbo file from it)? Ok, that's it. Thanks a lot in advance for your help and keep up the astounding job! Best, doktorflan.