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    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Now that not a single custom weapon can fire with sound because of whatever they tweaked all custom weapons have to be turned off. I say revert to 1.22 that worked just fine until you guys sort that out. Do not make a change then sit back and say "Well the modders need to change their files to conform to our game." Well as of yesterday morning those modded files worked fine then BIS released 1.24 and it has gone to shit. I am sorry i use a heavily modded game because that is what arma is about. Now i am inconvenienced along with a couple hundred thousand other people and BIS is going to act like "Oh well that is your problem." By deleting peoples feed back tracker reports of it. Well i guess i am done playing arma for a year or so i will come back when they fix THEIR mistake.